Strategies & Secrets For A Successful Closet Cleanse

Cleaning out our closets is something we all do, and it’s 100% necessary.

Could you imagine if you kept every single garment you’ve ever owned? It would be cute to look at the kids’ clothes from back in the day, but just thinking about the clothes I wore in my 20s makes me want to vomit.

The moral of the story, cleaning out your closet is good! So I’m not about to tell you NOT to clean out your closet, but I am going to tell you to stop doing it the way you’ve been doing it.

It’s time to start cleaning out your closet the right way. That means cleaning out your closet without getting rid of everything you own. Or for some of you, without chickening out by getting rid of like two things.

Here is how you know if you’re doing it wrong:

  • You end up with 500 trash bags full of stuff, which means you’re shopping too much or you’re not cleaning often enough.
  • You experience extreme emotions – either too much of a get shit done feeling or a sad, depressed feeling.

If you’re doing it right, you should:

  • Feel a balanced sense of accomplishment.
  • Learn something about yourself and your style.
  • Feel like this is a jumping-off place for growth and evolution.

The secret to successfully cleaning your closet includes:

  • Prework (I have a special worksheet inside of Personal Style University)
  • A clear vision
  • A plan
  • And reinforcements – a friend, a community, or a stylist!

So the question is: are you doing it right? And if you’re not, I will teach you exactly how inside Personal Style University.

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