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Word on the street is Lauren’s a damn good stylist. Find out what her clients have to say …

Personal Style University

Personal Style University is the step-by-step virtual styling program that shows you how to take style into your own hands (with the help and support of  badass personal stylist – hint, hint it’s Lauren.)

In this program, Lauren will walk you through her proven step-by-step system for finding your personal style, detoxing your closet, building a wardrobe that fits your goals and lifestyle, making the most of your shopping budget, and choosing items that make you look your very best.

I hope you understand the impact PSU has had on me and my life. ⁣

I don’t think back on my looks are terrible before PSU, but I wasn’t happy and that affected how people viewed me. I needed to go deeper to my core to figure out why I was putting up walls around me. Once I learned to love myself, my whole self, I was transformed and found joy in the hunt for a perfect pair of boots and a set of bold statement earrings. I realized this is not just about style. I can use clothes to implant ideas into people’s subconscious about who I am without having to say a word. And after I catch their attention with my approach to clothing, I can flash them my beautiful smile and win them over with my authentic kindness and charm.⁣

PSU was my true first step into my self improvement journey. I now devour book after book, studying different aspects of leadership, spirituality, business, communication, etc. I’m currently attending online Life Coaching sessions with Rachel Hollis, I’m jogging and meeting up with friends again, I’m building a vast network with people from many different backgrounds at work, and I’m slowly seducing my husband into joining me on this journey. I am eternally grateful for the guidance of Lauren, her virtual products, and the community of like minded women who are walking with me towards being our most authentic and stylish selves. – Jasmine

I am a proud mother of three who wears many hats. I had been blessed to excel in many aspects of my professional and personal life but did not know that it did not reflect in my appearance. I know from my own observations that people come in all different shapes and sizes but never knew that if you were strategic with your style choices, you could make yourself look more proportionate, confident and even more intelligent. ⁣

After learning these fundamentals by watching Lauren Messiah’s YouTube videos on style advise I considered starting a savings plan for me to be styled by her in person. This would take me about a year. So when she announced PSU I was elated! This is a virtual styling course for women who want to learn how to take charge of one of the most overlooked aspects of their lives- their fashion and personal style. ⁣

Since I enrolled in PSU, I have discovered a side of myself that needed to be revealed. I have learned how to peel back layers of insecurities, cleanse and maintain my closet, how and why to invest in essential wardrobe pieces, and understand the importance of style in my everyday life. The course allowed me to learn more about the elements of style and how I can personalize them to suit my goals in life. ⁣

I receive countless compliments from my loved ones, coworkers and from people I don’t even know, how good I look. This hardly EVER happened to me in the past. My confidence is through the roof and still climbing. I highly recommend this unique, exciting and life-changing course to anyone looking to discover and improve their sense of style.⁣


Working with Lauren was like therapy. She got to the core of my insecurities and because of my new wardrobe, I am far more confident in both my personal and professional life. ⁣

I never realized how often I chose phone calls over face-to-face meetings until I had outfits that I felt good in, and I WANTED people to see me in! She is so much more than a stylist; she’s a game changer. – Shannon

Thank you! You have reignited my passion for fashion and actually dressing myself. I’ve lost 6 lbs since our meeting. Whoohoo! – Marisol

Since joining PSU Lauren changed my entire view on fashion and shopping. Every piece I bought so far is well worn and loved. Unlike before when I bought the odd pieces that did neither fit the rest of my wardrobe nor my style. ⁣⁣
One of the best parts of PSU is the private facebook page where I’m able to interact with Lauren herself as well as with the rest of the PSU members to get their opinions or new inspirations on how to wear or with what to combine new purchases.⁣⁣
In case I haven’t told you yet: Thanks a million for putting PSU together!
– Rahel

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Lauren is a go-getter – friendly and direct. She’s built a career working with LA celebrities and mentoring the next generation of stylists.

Everyone at my office is oohing and aahing at my stylish new outfits. Lauren encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and try new looks.

I am so energized about my new look. Thank you!

I feel confident at work. Thank you.


You are amazing! I am so happy you came into my life. It is forever changed. You are a style genius.

You are AMAZING! Thank you so much. I had an awesome time, and I already can’t wait to do it again! I love all of my outfits and have been so excited to get dressed.

Lauren is beyond amazing at what she does. Not only does she have a great eye for style, she knows what to pick, choose and style for your own tastes. Simply put, Lauren styles you to be the best version of yourself, and I would be lost without her. Every time she styles me I always get a huge boost of confidence, own any room I walk into and look like I’ve dropped 10lbs. She rocks!

Hiring Lauren was a game changer. She completely opened my eyes to an entirely different part of my life… fashion. The confidence that a person gains both personally and professionally is incomparable from what I call “The Lauren Experience.” I never really noticed what a big part fashion plays in our personal and professional lives through the power of presentation. I will tell you something, if you aren’t noticing now; you are the only one who isn’t.

I feel amazing when I walk into a business meeting knowing that I’m the best-dressed person in the meeting. In my line of work it’s incredibly important, I think it’s incredibly important in any line of work that a person is in, but mine especially. I’ve sent girls that I’ve dated to Lauren, and it’s given them at least an additional two points on the scale of 1 to 10!

What is so amazing about the Lauren experience is that she understood me, as a person, she didn’t try to turn me into some fashion douche bag. She “got” me. She tailor made (no pun intended) a look that was designed to fit my personality, my profession and who I am as a person. That seems to be what she is good at, “getting people” and customizing their individual style. I personally have no idea how to shop, and Lauren took all that guess work and confusion of going to the mall for me. To do all of my shopping in a few hours at one location? Ah-ma-zing.

She also was able to get me into some things and looks that I would normally never even think of, but having tried them have now, claimed them as my own. Now I use her for every event that I attend and everything I wear basically. She’s the best there is. Period and I trust her implicitly with my image.

It was so great working with Lauren! I got many compliments from the second the guys walked in. Amazing. I wore the black leather pants and hearts top to work today. I got several compliments on that too! I’m on fire. It matters. Woo hoo!

The fact is I’m a super busy person, and the thought of having to go from store to store and pick out outfits for myself is extremely daunting, let alone the decision making involved and wondering if a particular piece of fashion is going to look good on me. Lauren saves the day in a number of ways.

1.) She saved me money by doing the shopping for me.

2.) She saved me time, which is money.

3.) She got me hooked up with some seriously good-looking threads. I mean I really look forward to putting on what she picked out.

4.) The clothing she picked out actually gets worn. I can’t tell you how much clothing I have bought in the past that never gets worn due to impulse buys or picking out something that didn’t fit right. Everything gets used, so it is a much wiser investment. Her team is so top notch and organized!

I just wanted to say thank you again! 🙂 you wouldn’t believe how many people have stopped me in the last few days and asked where I got different pieces. That NEVER happens to me! I feel sort of embarrassed but also very LA when I have to look around for the label and tell them that I have no idea where it was purchased because my stylist picked it out. My nurses are obsessed with finding the Kenneth Cole sneakers. You’re the best! I can’t wait to get dressed tomorrow.

Lauren Messiah knows how to showcase a woman’s body. As a woman going through (*gasp* shall I dare say the word) MENOPAUSE, I’ve been struggling with the physical changes that come with it. My entire wardrobe suddenly no longer fit, and it certainly didn’t reflect my new emerging style (even if I wasn’t quite sure what that style was). Lauren made the discovery process fun and easy and she intuitively understood my vision for my image. So much so that during my VIP Day all I had to say was, “Yes, yes, yes!” I presented my new style while speaking at a Women’s Leadership Event, where all the excellent feedback and compliments I received about my “look” made this investment with Lauren worthwhile. A speaker only gets one chance at a first impression. With Lauren’s help, I nailed mine.

I really need to thank you and your team for solving one of my most agonizing issues and making my experience one of the best I’ve ever had. I have no words for the difference this is going to make for me moving forward. I’m looking forward to putting all of the stuff we worked on together to use.  — PEARL, REAL ESTATE INVESTOR

Let me add my voice to the chorus of people who are saying LAUREN MESSIAH IS EXTRAORDINARY.
She has impeccable taste. She’s smart, efficient, funny, empathetic, and inspiring. She reshaped my wardrobe and my outlook. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her as a resource and style inspiration, and I plan on turning to her for every fashion occasion in my future. In a word, Lauren is the best. — BRIDGET C., WRITER/ PRODUCER

Lauren Messiah’s personal style workbook, The Style Solution, is a total game changer when it comes to developing your personal style. Deceptively simple, it’s so much more than just checklists and outfit suggestions— it really dives into your psychology to make the shift in your style authentic from the inside out. Right from the start (you start with goals and a ‘before’ selfie challenge) I realized that I wasn’t dressing like the creative, professional woman that I know myself to be. Honestly, seeing how far off the mark I was from my goals was a tough lesson… but page by page I felt myself getting more confident and can finally see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. Though I haven’t completely overhauled my wardrobe yet (since I want to opt for the very best pieces I can afford and not buy things I don’t LOVE) I have filled in the chapters with my inspiration and now feel like I have a roadmap so shopping is fun instead of stressful. I look good, I feel good, and I have a better understanding of myself from using this guide!  — KATHERINE., WRITER/ PRODUCER

I never realized how much your outer shell protects your inner self until I met Lauren. I’m a pretty confident person when it comes to work and friends, but was struggling in the personal self-confidence area.

Lauren changed my life… Simply by changing my “style” (or lack there of).

She gets to know YOU and how you operate, feel, think… This process is very much a therapy session, but with a goody bag at the end.

I look at clothes different now. The best part, when I get dressed, I feel amazing! (Priceless) Thank you!!!!! — MICHELLE R., TEACHER/ COACH