Building A Wardrobe That You’ll Love Using Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It’s safe to say I’m addicted. It’s a much better way to pass the time than screwing around Instagram. Plus, it’s an incredible tool to help develop your style. I use it, and I teach my clients how to use it properly inside my course, Personal Style University.

BUT my guess is you’re not using Pinterest correctly at all!

I bet you’re just willy nilly pinning everything that captures your eye. You don’t have a strategy around what you’re pinning or why.

Pinning random styles that don’t fit into any one style type, outfits you don’t quite have the confidence to pull off, and things that don’t match your lifestyle or body type will take you further away from your goals.

This half-cocked Pinterest strategy causes style chaos, which is funny because the whole reason you started the board was to gain style clarity.

And I didn’t tell you the worst part!

The worst part is you’re going shopping based on that chaotic board. Let me tell  you something, you will end up back where you started – a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

To change this behavior, you need to get crystal clear on the vision for your style BEFORE you start collecting visuals on Pinterest.
You need to be so clear on your goals and who you are as a person.

Your Pinterest board should be created in your mind first, and then once you’re on Pinterest it’s just a matter of finding the images that match what’s in your head so your vision can become a reality

Are you clear on your style vision? I can help you get clear inside Personal Style University, which opens up on January 29th.

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