Building Your Business Casual Wardrobe

business casual looks

Oh the elusive and oh-so-confusing “business casual” dress code. It’s not quite business and it’s not quite casual. It’s a pretty flexible code of dressing that allows you to embrace more of your personal style. Flexible sounds good in theory but often flexibility breeds confusion. I’ve found that a lot of women (and men) often lean more into the casual side of the dress code and, in my opinion, that ain’t good!

Don’t feel bad because the business casual dress code is fairly difficult to master. My rule of thumb is when in doubt skew more business than casual (after all the word business does come first). How does that saying go? Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Yeah. Do that.

Still confused? Fear not, I’ve got a shopping list that will help you build your business casual wardrobe.

business casual


1. Chic black blazer

2. Classic cardigan

3. Trouser jeans

4. Dark wash skinny jeans

5. Silk blouses (printed, solid, and neutrals)

6. Pointy toe pumps

7. Stylish tote bag large enough to fit your laptop

8. A toned down statement piece of jewelry – think chunky pearls, gold tassel chain necklace, etc

9. Slim-fit black trousers

10. Neural cashmere sweaters

11. Pencil skirt

12. Stylish coat in camel or black

13. Shift or wrap dress

14. A watch (give your cell phone a break)

15. Cute classic flats

16. Silk scarf

17. Black belt

Am I missing anything? Feel free to drop your style tips in the comment section below.

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