I Have Arrived! Watch out Sin City

Well I am here in Sin City … sitting in front of my computer, drinking a bottle of water. Not exactly sinning but whatever, I just got here.

After a $35 cab ride to The Bellagio, I check in to the hotel only to find out that there are only smoking rooms left. Wtf?

I mean I enjoy a drunken cigarette from time to time but smoking indoors? Grody! As a consolation they put me in a bigger room at the same cost as a smaller room. The room is pretty pimp looking but it smells like an old man in here. I swear if this stinky ass room ruins my clothes. This will be a lesson for me in the future to always travel with a scented candle.

Anyways, I am pumped about the MAGIC convention tomorrow and all of the mayhem that I am sure to get into, oh and the shopping … I plan on doing a lot of that too. Lucky for me there is a Gucci boutique in my hotel so I just might have to see if they have my Hysteria bag in stock.

Check in with you kittens tomorrow,


One thought on “I Have Arrived! Watch out Sin City”

  1. Have fun in Vegas (how can you not!). I will be there in two weeks and can’t wait. If you have a chance for some off strip shopping check out the Zappos Outlet. It is a little piece of shoe heaven right here on earth!

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