Traveling in a Sea of Fakes

I am sitting on the cold dirty floor at the United terminal at LAZ wondering what the hell happened to the good old days when people used to fly in style? I mean I know that true jet set glamour is reserved for thos with private planes. I realize that I am dressed pretty casually (put togther well of course) in True Religion jeans, C & C California top, Havaiana flip flops, a chic little fedora and a Marc Jacobs bag but damn people, you are in public.

The hot messes are in full swing at LAX. As I type this a pair of mandals just walked by (men’s sandals). There are some ridiculous looking fakes here too! LV, Coach, and Gucci … You name it and it’s here. The amount of ill fitting clothes is pretty unreasonable too. If you are sitting on a plane for hours why would you choose the pants that took a tub of Vaseline and prayer to get into?

As you can see flying gets me fired up. I am so worked up that I have broken out into hives again. Man, I gotta get that under control.

Stay tuned for more live blogging from my Vegas trip. Over and out!


Fashion Kitty

2 thoughts on “Traveling in a Sea of Fakes”

  1. Ahh finally someone that shares my thoughts on flying. I also thought that flying was something that you dressed nice (classy casual) for, not thrown together in sweats and a tshirt.

    Hope your flight back isn’t as bad as your flight to Vega.

  2. Have fun Kitty! I get worked up in a similar manner when I travel. We’ll just have to give up and know that the majority of the traveling public gives a crap about looking good or appropriate.

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