11 Tops To Wear With Pencil Skirts

I love, love, love a pencil skirt!

Once you find one that fits you perfectly, it will quickly become a go-to piece in your closet. Many women get stumped on exactly how to style it, specifically which tops to wear with pencil skirts.

No need to worry, because I’ve got you covered with 11 tops you can wear with your pencil skirts …

1.) Crop Top

If you think your stomach isn’t flat enough to wear a crop top, then you haven’t tried one on with a pencil skirt. Crop tops are a great match for pencil skirts because the flattest part of your stomach is exposed. Find a pencil skirt with a higher rise  and you’re golden.

2.) Sweatshirt

I love the idea of adding something a bit sportier to a dressy item like a pencil skirt. Add feminine shoes, jewelry, and a killer bag to round out the look.

3.) Pussy Bow Blouse

Pussy bow blouses can be tough to wear because they are voluminous in nature. A pencil skirt is the perfect pairing because they really define the waist.

4.) Muscle Tee

Another great blending of the masculine and the feminine. Perfect for the tomboy style type.

5.) Graphic Tee

Swap out the boyfriend jeans and the leather jacket for a pencil skirt. A fun and casual way to style your pencil skirt.

6.) Sweater

What could be cozier than a sweater. Adding strappy heels and clutch adds some sex appeal without showing a lot of skin.

7.) Chambray Top

Chambray tops go with pretty much everything in your closet, so why not try it with a pencil skirt?

8.) With Sequins

Because sequins make everything better …

9.) A Blazer

Keep it classic and work appropriate with a blazer and a tight fitting top.

10.) Classic Button Down

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic white button down. Expert tip: skip the classic black skirt (too boring) and opt for a color or a patterned skirt instead.

11.) Leather Shell

Edge up this classic lady-like garment with a little leather.

How will you wear your pencil skirt?





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