80s Style: Bring It Back or Put It Back??


Oh the 80s, what an interesting time. Good things that happened in the 80s: I was born, “Like a Virgin” Madonna, and, um, shoulder pads??? Oh wait, 80s shoulder pads are atrocious.

The 80s were pretty rough style wise. Some scary trends happened, and everyone wore them like it was totally okay – because it was.

The thing with fashion is that what goes around comes around. What was once hideous, is suddenly chic. A few years back we had a little 80s revival with neon, color blocking, wild prints, and off the shoulder silhouettes.

Today, when it comes to style, almost anything goes. You find a cool 80s piece at the vintage store, take it home, and make it your own. This can be awesome, and it can be dangerous too.

In today’s video, I am (as always) answering a viewer’s question about 80s style as it relates to being office-ready. Can the 80s and office attire mix? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

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