Deal of the Day: Spiked Christian Louboutins

I’ll preface this post by saying this, I have never been a huge Christian Louboutin fan. The red “status” sole was kind of a turnoff for me. It seemed to me that people were only rocking the red sole to show their worth. They were ignoring other fabulous designer shoes that were, sometimes, more awesome.

Then I tried them on.

Now I still believe that some people are just wearing them for flash but I now appreciate the magic called a Christian Louboutin shoe. These shoes are magic shoes and when I found a pair on sale. Oh, game over, they had to be mine.tumblr_mmxstcTllc1qg58f9o1_500What: Christian Louboutin Bianca Spiked Platform Pumps

Where: Last Call Neiman Marcus

Retail Price: $1295

My price: $900

The Kicker: Sure they were still expensive but they will retain their value and even though they are spiked, the classic color and silhouette will giving them staying power in my closet.large


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