Featured: Westfield Australia

I was so excited when I headed over to Westfield’s website and saw my mug on the homepage. How cool is that?!

Here is a little behind the scenes action too!

Wind machine on full blast

Charlie’s Angels moment with Donny Galella

Faux proposal by Donny. LOL!

Prom date style! Our little on-set joke

Westfield also did a fun little Q&A with me and I wanted to share a little bit of it with all of you.

Check it out …

How would you describe LA style?

Comfortable. Casual. Stylish. In LA, comfort is key but so is being in touch with the latest trends. The fashion conscious in LA takes designer pieces but presents them in casual effortless way.

What is one piece of style advice you think all women could learn from?

Don’t be a slave to the trends. Adapt the latest trends to work for you and if they don’t work – don’t worry about it and move on.

How does personality influence personal style?

If you don’t infuse your personality into your wardrobe then you are missing out on all the fun that fashion has to offer. For example, you could be in head to toe designer clothing but if you forget to add your personality to the outfit … your outfit will be a total flop. To me, it’s about translating the fashions from the runway or from your favourite celebrity into your own unique fashion language.

Tell us about your role with Westfield…

I am Westfield’s LA stylist and my goal is to teach women how to be influenced by LA’s hottest celebrities without going all Hollywood on us 😉 It’s all about how to make those A-list looks work for you.

I have also worked on Westfield’s Style Tour- in both the style closet and during the fashion shows.

Read the rest interview in it’s entirety here>