Dear Fashion Kitty, University Style

I’m going to university this year. This is not some expensive uni where rich people go in dressed up like in 90210 or Gossip Girls. Actually I have been there and the girls have NO sense of style. An ugly t shirt and out-of-date-styled jeans it is. I mean it. And they wear those ugly parachute bags. I don’t wanna turn my sense of style like them and look different and make people hate me for looking better and different, but I cant stand if u want me to wear those things they wear. What should I do?

a. I love heels, but is it gonna be too glamorous if I wear my sexy heels?

b. I don’t wanna wear those ugly t shirts in those out-of-date-styled jeans

Okay, so what I understood from your email is that everyone dresses like crap, you don’t want to, but you don’t want people to hate you for dressing well …

You know what I am going to say right? I am going to say forget about those poorly dressed fools and dress the way you want to dress. Its you (or your parents) hard earned cash, don’t make them spend it on some ugly crap just so you can fit in. The only reason people will “hate” you is because they are jealous. Be a leader and not a follower. Eventually the other girls will step up their game too.

So for question a.) should you wear sexy heels … If you are going to class, probably not. You are going to be uncomfortable running across campus and too much sexy during the day doesn’t always work. I would opt for cute ballet flats and sensible closed toe heels and wedges. Save the sexy heels for the club.

Part b.) of your question; what to wear instead of ugly tees and out-of-date jeans … Wear close fitting tees (go for solids or a fun print … none of those dorky slang tees) and for goodness sakes wear some jeans that fit. Out of date jeans that fit poorly will ruin any outfit.

Some other simple way to up your style without looking too “done up” include:

– Carry a stylish bag for your books

– Brush your hair (seriously, it sounds simple but so many girls don’t)

– Put on a bit of makeup

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