Leggo My Leggings

Ponchos, ‘super’ low-rise jeans, beaded Chinese slippers, over- sized sunglasses. What do all of those trends have in common? We were completely oversaturated with them! Thanks to celebrities, designer knock offs, and a slew of street vendors.

It happens to the best of us; you have a moment that you swear these overly trendy goods are not your cup of tea; then you are suddenly rockin’ a poncho. It’s called “Trend Overkill”

Today that same ill fated “trend overkill” has entered our world, and we shall them leggings. Leggings are nothing new, heck most of us wore them at some point in our childhood- but now they are taking over. From the Missoni runway to the legs of young Hollywood; you literally cannot go a day without having leggings in your life. The decision is yours; shun leggings all together or welcome them into your wardrobe.

“Trend Overkill” seems to work four in stages…

  • Stage 1- Disbelief: You just can’t believe that people are actually wearing that, example comment “How stupid, I totally wore that in the second grade-no one will wear that.”
  • Stage 2- Mesmerized: Suddenly every Mary-Kate, Lindsay, and Jessica is wearing the trend you thought was ridiculous. You can’t stop looking at the carnage on the pages of US Weekly- and secretly think it looks kind of cute.
  • Stage 3- Disgust: You are sickened with yourself for ever thinking that trend was cute! You see the ugly salesclerk at the grocery store butchering the trend in an attempt to channel her inner Lohan. Yuck! You hiss at all the cheap stores in the mall that dare to sell this trend at an ultra low price so everyone can afford it.
  • Stage 4- Acceptance: “Well, I am sure if I wore it, it wouldn’t look so bad” You succumb to the trend. You simply can’t help it, you know you are better than that freak at the grocery store; you can wear this trend like an A-Lister.

Here is the kicker- can you wear it like an A-Lister? That is the difference from looking like a Grade-A Fool and an A- List Celebrity. In the case of the legging overkill, the key is to enhance an outfit and NOT make them the focus of the outfit. Wear the trend wisely, looks like it is here to stay for a few more seasons. The last thing you need is to flip through your photo album 10 years from now to say “I can’t believe I wore that!”

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