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10 Things Every Stylish Woman Owns

If you want to be stylish but have no idea where to start I’ve got your back! Everyone loves a top 10 list so I figured I’d make one for style. Out of all of the many things, stylish women can have hanging in her closet, I’ve boiled it all down to 10 essential pieces….


The Top 10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

a version of this post was originally posted on Glam.com Maybe I’m alone here, but … I’m a full-fledged shoe addict. Last week I found myself looking for the perfect shoe to go with my “perfect” outfit and I came up short. How can that be possible when you own an un-namable amount of shoes?…


Top 10 Must-Haves for Fall 2009

Q- In your opinion what are the ten Fall 2009 Must-Haves? A- It was so hard picking 10, but I managed. Here we go: 1.) Combat Boots- Wear them with skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, or even shorts (with tights underneath) 2.) Fingerless Gloves- I love the idea of wearing a tough pair of fingerless gloves…