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Is It Weight Loss Or Is It Wardrobe?

The other day, I felt particularly cute, so I snapped a selfie and posted the picture on Instagram. I was immediately hit with comments and DM’s like this: “You look so tiny!” “No shade, but I just realized that you are really small.” “How do you stay so thin during quarantine?” While I am doing…


A Day in the Life of a Stylist – Daily

A few months back when I posted my Paris vlogs on my YouTube channel, you wanted more. When I shared my ‘Day in the Life of a Stylist’ videos – you definitely wanted more. It baffles me, but apparently “Real Life Lauren” is interesting. Haha! Because I have so much other content to share on…


Client Makeover: Real Estate Queen

I love it when a client comes to me at a pivotal point in her career. It is so cool to see women who have risen and are ready to have their wardrobe match their level of success. With that being said, enter my latest client who I am calling “Real Estate Queen.” Her career…


Client Makeover: Stuck Without Style

Can you imagine having impeccable taste but zero access to great clothing? I’ve often painted this horrendous scenario out in my head … I move into a cute little house in the middle of nowhere, and there is nowhere to shop! Sure, I’d have the internet, but that isn’t nearly as fun. My latest client…


Valentine’s Day Looks for Every Personality

In case you missed it, today I was on The Real giving commentary for their Valentine’s Day fashion show with Adrianne Bailon and Nene Leakes. This segment was all about different Valentine’s Day looks for different personality types. Check out the clip above and tell me what you’ll be wearing this Valentine’s Day. I’ll be…


His and Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you don’t have a gift picked out for that special someone, then you are in luck because I have a ton of amazing gift ideas for you. I stopped by KTLA this morning to gab about all of my favorite products, if you missed it you…


7 Signs You Are In Need of a New Wardrobe

A style slump, it happens to the best of us. When we get busy with work, family, and just life in general … our style is often the first thing to go. For many of my clients these “slumps” can last for YEARS. I see it all the time. The big promotion comes or maybe…


How to DIY Your Halloween Costume Using Pinterest

I started this morning out with some good old fashioned TV fun! KTLA invited me on the show this morning to do a segment on DIY Halloween costumes as found on Pinterest. Two things you should know going in … 1.) I am total geek for holidays, so this was right up my alley 2.)…


Video Tour of My Hollywood Hills Home

Remember when I gave you all a little photo tour of my home? Well now I have video! Glam.com stopped by my house and wanted a look around. Check it out … Thanks for stopping by!

Step Inside My Office

You all seemed to really enjoy it when I let you inside my home a few months ago, so now I want you to step inside my office. I recently “moved” into a new office. When I say move, I mean into the room next door … in my own house. It started like this….