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How To Create Curves When You Don’t Have Them

There are a lot of women out in the world who would kill for a “models body.” You know the type of body that is straight up and down, no curves to trip you up along the way, a “walking hanger” as they call it in the industry. Women think to themselves, “Man it would…


How To Show Off Your Curves The Right Way

We are just rocking and rolling right through this Body Type Series, aren’t we?! We are on body type 4 of 5, my friends.Today’s body type is the most sought after but also one of the most difficult to dress – the proportional body type aka the hourglass. Why is it so hard? Well because…


5 No-Fail Looks If You Don’t Have Curves

Dressing for your body type is probably the most important element when it comes to putting together a solid/ flattering look. Unfortunately it’s also the most difficult part. With fashion magazines and style bloggers force-feeding the latest trends down our throats, it’s easy to get caught under the style spell. That shapeless dress that Olivia…