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Style Development: Find Your Vibe, Find Your True Sense Of Style

Does this scenario sound familiar … Go to get dressed and realize you hate everything you own. Who the heck bought this ugly crap anyways? Decide it’s time to make a change. You pick up your laptop and start scrolling through Pinterest. Your mind is racing, and you are feeling so inspired. ‘That’s cute, so…


A Day in the Life of a Stylist: Shopping

A big part of my job is shopping. Yeah, I know, life is so hard. But seriously it is kind of hard. Shopping for clients isn’t at all like shopping for yourself. For example instead of hitting two or three stores in one day, I hit 10-15. I have to think about what the clients…


Teacher, Teacher … My New School of Style Class

Me, a teacher? No way!! Actually, yes way. I already teach alongside Luke Storey at School of Style, the world’s first school specifically for wardrobe stylists, but now I have my very own class. On February 25th I am debuting Personal Styling 101 at School of Style. Personal Styling 101 teaches students how to get…