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How To Tell If Your Pants Fit … Without Trying Them On

Sometimes trying on clothes at the store just isn’t in the cards. In fact, I recommend trying on items at home instead. No one likes bad lighting or pushy sales people. Am I right? So how to know if the items you are picking up to take home will fit? Well, when it comes to…


Style Tips For The Sweaty

Sweating, it’s both nasty and natural. Good thing about sweating is that it’s good for your health. Worst part? It creates mad drama when it comes to getting dressed. From pit stains to deodorant stains – shizz is gross! Removing Deodorant Stains White deodorant stains are not cool, especially on black garments. My favorite tool…


27 Fashion Hacks Using Everyday Products

Everyone enjoys a good old fashioned fashion hack. As a stylist I LOVE a fashion hack. In fact I depend on them at work everyday. Here are 27 of my favorites that have gotten me out of a jam more than once. 1. Baby powder to remove grease and oil stains from leather and silk…