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The Truth About Your Closet

Your closet should be a reflection of who you are. It should tell pleasant stories of your past and give us a glimpse into your beautiful feature. For most women, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Psychologist William James says, “Serious development of the personality takes place at the closet door.” The truth is…


IKEA Hack: DIY Closet Island

I have wanted a center island for my closet since, like, FOREVER! When I moved into my Hollywood Hills house I had a room devoted to my wardrobe and what that bad boy really needed was a center island. I had a custom closet company come by to do an estimate the most basic looking…


How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Dressing Room

It is no secret that I love my wardrobe. In fact, my clothes have their very own bedroom. I converted one of the extra bedrooms in my house into one gigantic walk in closet. You can see it here and here … PS- majorly old pics, need to do a new closet post soon. If…