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How To Elevate Your Style To The Next Level

I think my client Adrienne says it best with her statement, “There is power in clothes.” So true!! Watch the video above to see how Adrienne’s life and style has changed since I started working with her.

How To Go From Living In Leggings to Super Stylish

Step away from the leggings … When I first started working with Sayeh, she was living in leggings. Like, seriously, that’s all she wore. My biggest challenge with Sayeh was getting her to see who she was. She alternated between hiding (in those damn leggings) and trying to become a walking Pinterest board in looks…


Style Solutions for the Driven Career Woman

Before I got my hands on Katherine, she described her style as a “tired, frazzled new mom … without a baby!” Ouch. Katherine is a badass. She is smart, witty, and one of the most driven women that I’ve come across in recent years. The problem is, you couldn’t tell by looking at her. When…


Client Makeover: Think and Grow Style

May I just say, my clients are the COOLEST!! When my latest client, Think and Grow Chick, reached out to me I thought to myself, ‘OMG this is going to be the perfect pairing.’ If you don’t know her, she is a business badass to the max! Think and Grow Chick is an entrepreneur who is…


Client Makeover: The Writer

Every once in a while, a male client comes along, and I remember how fun it is to work with men. Don’t get me wrong, you ladies are the best, but sometimes it’s cool to mix things up. Enter “The Writer.” One of my female clients referred him to me. They work together in the…


Client Makeover: Real Estate Queen

I love it when a client comes to me at a pivotal point in her career. It is so cool to see women who have risen and are ready to have their wardrobe match their level of success. With that being said, enter my latest client who I am calling “Real Estate Queen.” Her career…


Client Makeover: Little Miss Single

If you are subscribed to my newsletter or my YouTube channel, then you know what I just wrapped a makeover series with my client ‘Little Miss Single’. This is a powerful one, and I wanted to recap the whole thing right here on my blog. Check it. BEFORE I first met ‘Little Miss Single’ in…


Client Makeover: Desperately Seeking Style

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my client makeovers on the site, so let’s get back to it with the client I am calling ‘Desperately Seeking Style’. This one is extra special because it has videos!! Between those magical videos and this post that really dives deep into my styling process, you’ll…


Client Makeover: Post Collegiate Life

My little brother may or may not kill me for this post but I am willing to take my chances, we are family after all … This past December when I went home to visit my family for Christmas, I gifted my youngest brother a makeover and a new wardrobe for Christmas. I know, I…


Client Makeover: Marketing Man

I don’t like to play favorites but this might be one of my favorite makeovers of the year. I met this client last year at a holiday party for entrepreneurs. We became fast friends that evening and before I knew it I was telling him that he needed a makeover (from me – of course)….