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Is It Weight Loss Or Is It Wardrobe?

The other day, I felt particularly cute, so I snapped a selfie and posted the picture on Instagram. I was immediately hit with comments and DM’s like this: “You look so tiny!” “No shade, but I just realized that you are really small.” “How do you stay so thin during quarantine?” While I am doing…


How To Create Curves When You Don’t Have Them

There are a lot of women out in the world who would kill for a “models body.” You know the type of body that is straight up and down, no curves to trip you up along the way, a “walking hanger” as they call it in the industry. Women think to themselves, “Man it would…


How To Show Off Your Curves The Right Way

We are just rocking and rolling right through this Body Type Series, aren’t we?! We are on body type 4 of 5, my friends.Today’s body type is the most sought after but also one of the most difficult to dress – the proportional body type aka the hourglass. Why is it so hard? Well because…


For Those With A Little Extra Junk In The Trunk

Ready for more body type fun? I sure hope so. Before we get to the next body type video, I wanted to share the recording from a radio show I was a guest on today.  Devin Alexander, a celebrity chef from The Biggest Loser, is a friend and a client, she had me on her…


Styling Tips for Busty Women

If you have a large bust and want to minimize it, then today’s video is for you … Want more? Upgrade to my full course for only $97. More outfits, more tips, and more body type fun! Join my ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ program now http://bit.ly/bodytypecourse  

To The People Who Say Body Type Doesn’t Matter

I was reading a personal style book a short time ago, and the author was crapping all over the idea of dressing for your body type. She thought it was just plain ridiculous. I completely disagree with her, but I could still see where she was coming from. The controversy comes from people looking at…


Dress Right For Your Body Type

After receiving an insane amount of emails regarding dressing for your body type, I created not only a brand new style series but a brand new virtual styling program to match! Yep, I was recording the YouTube series, and I was like OMG these videos are like 30 minutes long – EACH. I pulled out…


Junk(less) in the Trunk: How To Fake A Booty

One area of my body which I am incredibly blessed is my booty. I’ve always had an ample backside, and it’s one of my favorite features. Sure, sometimes it makes buying pants and skirts more difficult, but overall I’m glad I’ve got it. Now there are other areas of my body that I am less…


How To Dress Right For Your Body Type

Guess what … I finally wrote an eBook! Seriously, this has been on my to-do list for a REALLY long time. So I am super excited to share it with you all for FREE! I decided to write my first book on dressing for your body type because I truly feel it’s the most important…


Cold-Weather Coats For Your Body Type

Let me start by saying this, I am totally jealous of the people get to wear coats this fall. It is still summer here in LA and I am not happy about it. At all. Okay I’m through complaining, now on to the advice! When its cold outside the first priority is to keep warm…