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The “Perfect Body” Is Only An Outfit Away

If you were part of my ‘Love Your Body Style Challenge’ that I put on last month, then you know exactly why I put “perfect body” in quotations. If you didn’t participate in the challenge, that subject line might have triggered some major side eye. That’s exactly what I wanted it to do. The truth…


Revisiting the Relationship Between Our Bodies and Our Style

This past weekend I spoke at an event called Brand Boss Mixer for Bumble Bizz. Before any speaking engagement I create an outline, write out exactly what I want to say, and then proceed to throw that sheet of paper straight in the garbage. Why? Mainly because I don’t like using scripts (I prefer to…


Love Your Body Style Challenge {July 9-18th)

I have yet to meet a person who has an entirely positive relationship with their body. The person you look at and think #bodygoals is currently standing on her bathroom scale crying over the number staring back at her. The woman whose photos you obsess over on Instagram, just had a meltdown in the fitting…