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The Great Fake Debate: Fakes, Inspired By, and Designer Decoy Bags

One of the greatest pieces of advice that I’ve ever received is this: “Change your mind.” So often we get stuck in our beliefs and refuse to budge. Maybe it’s pride, or on some level, we think we aren’t “allowed” to change our minds. I’m here to say that change is good and opening your…


5 Essential Bags That Every Woman Should Own

Let me start by saying this – I’m a shoe girl through and through but I enjoy and see the necessity for a great looking and functional bag. I have a decent little collection but with functionality in mind, I still have a little ways to go. I’ve come up with 5 essential bags that…


Jenny Humphrey’s Studded Bag

Q- I hope you could help me. I would like to know what bag Jenny is carrying? A- That bag is the Garbo Convertible Tote from Be&D. It retails at $1490 at Saks but is currently sold out. Definitely check out Be&D’s site though, for something similar.