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Anti-Style Type: Messy Mommy

Let me start by saying this: I am not a mom (unless you count my dog as a child) but I have worked with many a mom in my career as a personal stylist. So the thoughts I share on style and motherhood do come from a place of experience. Just gotta put that out…


Anti-Style Type: Worn Out Wendy

A lot of people think that style is “fun,” but the truth is most people experience style as stressful, painful, and downright frustrating. We tell ourselves style isn’t important and we get defensive when someone tells us that it is. The whole point of this series isn’t to shame people with “bad style.” The goal…


Anti-Style Type: Dated Debbie

When it comes to style, there are examples to follow (I call these Style Types) and there are examples to avoid (Anti-Style Types). Over the next few posts I’ll be covering the Anti-Style Types. The styles we need to avoid like the plague. These Anti-Style types go far beyond “wear this vs. don’t wear this”,…