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How You Are Being Perceived – When to Know If It’s Real

I talk a lot about perception and how taking note of how people perceive you is an important ingredient to your success in business, love, and life. Like it or not, what people think about you DOES matter. I’ve spoken to that point so many times so I won’t go off an tangent about it…


6 Simple Ways to Be More Stylish

More style? Yes, please. Everyone can benefit from having a bit more style in their life – the not-so-stylish and the super stylish alike. To me, style is like money – can you ever have too much? Don’t answer that. I have identified six easy ways to up your style game. 1.) Layer Adding a…


How to Make a Living as a Blogger

Q- I am a fashion blogger based in Arizona and I’m looking to expand my viewership and followers. I follow you on Twitter and have seen you tweet before that you welcome any and all questions. I was wondering how you got your start and how you got people really looking at your site. The…