Books and Courses

  • PSU


    Personal Style University is a virtual styling program that allows you to take style into your own hands – with my help, of course. In this program, I will walk you through my proven step-by-step program and help you find your personal style, detox your closet, build a wardrobe that fits your goals and lifestyle, make the most of your shopping budget, and teach you how to choose items that make you look your very best!

    What’s Included:

    • 5 stylish modules, each containing 4 video lessons from me (that’s 20 videos).
    • Bonus Modules filled filled with dozens of tutorial videos, BTS videos from my live client experiences, and deep dives into subject matters like dressing for work.
    • Downloadable worksheets and guides to assist you on your style journey.
    • Lifetime Access to the content and access to any surprise upgrades I add along the way (I add surprises all the time.)
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  • SCC

    Style Confidence Collective

    Style Confidence is the place to be for badass women to come together, discover their sense of style, and reach their full potential. Because you deserve to not just look better, but to feel better and to confidently make your mark in this world.

    What you'll get:

    • The 4 Stages of Style training
    • Fresh content delivered weekly
    • Shopping lists, trend guides, style success sheets, and more…
    • Two group live session with Lauren every month
    • Access to the private community
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  • EB-The-Book-of-Style

    Dress Right for Your Body Type

    Never say the phrase, “Nothing ever fits me.” ever again! Dress Right for Your Body Type is an easy to follow online styling program will teach you how to flatter your figure and feel good when you get dressed! Learning how to dress for your body type will help you take control of the way you look and your relationship with fashion.

    What You'll Learn:

    • Why dressing for your body type is an absolute game changer./li>
    • The five different body types that exist, hint they aren’t named after desk instruments or fruits/veggies.
    • Simple tricks you can can execute to balance your body.
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  • LM_Website_StyleSolutionProductThumbnail

    ‘The Style Solution’ Personal Style Planner

    The Style Solution: 30 Days To Your Signature Style, is a workbook designed to help you discover your signature style. After completing this ebook you will:

    • Save money while shopping! You’ll create a shopping budget, a prioritized shopping list, and a plan of action to follow before stepping inside a store.
    • Work through what’s really holding you back in the style department. It’s called “Style Therapy” and boy does it work.
    • Create a functional wardrobe with the Deluxe Edition of my Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist! It’s the mother of all checklists.
    • Gain access to lists of the best stores, brands, and boutiques.
    • Score a detailed glossary of every fabric and garment you could ever dream of.
    • Get a 30-day look book template so you can pre-plan yours looks and be prepared for any style challenge that comes your way.
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  • EB-The-Book-of-Style

    The Book of Style

    ‘The Book of Style’ is a quick read and is loaded with useful tips and more importantly, action items. If you want to make a change in your life, you have to DO SOMETHING. Sure flipping through a book filled with pretty pictures is “inspiring” but without action, you don’t get results.

    • Learn how to stop caring about what the tag says, and start understanding how clothes are supposed to fit and flatter your body.
    • Actually enjoy shopping (what a concept) and start buying items that you’ll wear AND love.
    • Find out the shopping secrets I live by when it comes to shopping for myself, and my Hollywood clients.
    • Get dressed without stress or a significant time commitment with easy outfit formulas and techniques.
    • Score useful tidbits like how much tailoring actually costs and how to get that red wine stain out of your favorite blouse.
    • Turn off that little voice in your head that says “Am I too old to wear this?”
    • Discover new ways to wear to wear what’s already hanging in your closet (hello, saving money.)
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  • Conversion Cards

    'Stylish At Any Size' Size Conversion Cards

    ‘Stylish At Any Size’ size conversion cards make shopping an absolute breeze. Pop them in your wallet and never get stumped while converting your sizes ever again. Each order comes with two wallet-friendly cards - one for women's clothing and one for women's shoes.

    • Clothing sizes for the following countries: United States, UK, Italy, France, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Australia, and Japan.
    • Denim size conversion and lettered sizing as well (XXS-XXL)
    • Shoe conversion for the following: US, UK, Italy/Europe, and France.
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