How to Get Stylish Hair in 3 Easy Steps

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suave professionalsWhen it comes to styling my own hair I need it fast and I need it simple. I don’t have time to waste on complicated hairstyles that involve overpriced products and fancy-pants tools. Which is why I was excited to do this special hair tutorial for Suave Professionals.

With the help of my awesome assistant Chelsea, we came up with a cute and easy style that is sure to impress. Since Chelsea just chopped her hair off (11 inches which went to Locks of Love) we decided to try our style on her.

step 1suave professionals

The first step in creating this easy hairstyle was to add a little curl and body to the hair. We used Suave Professionals® Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum. This serum is a double whammy as it combines the conditioning benefits of a serum with the hold of a gel – without being all gross and stiff.

Best part? This stuff smells AWESOME! Oh and it totally held Chelsea’s curls all day long.

suave professionals

step 2 suave professionals

Next comes the braid. Super simple way to add a little visual interest to your look. I love how it compliments the curl we just added to the hair in step 1. Because the hair still had some serum on it from the first step, no additional product was needed to keep the braid in place.

step 3suave professionals

To finish the look, we simply pinned the braid in place with a bobby pin and gave her hair a blast with Suave Professionals® Luxe Style Infusion Smoothing Anti-Humidity Hairspray. This hairspray is fantastic for giving the style some extra hold but more importantly to keep it from frizzing up. Lately I have become addicted to anti-humidity hairsprays – they really come in handy on those cloudy LA mornings (yes we experience cloudiness in LA).

suave professionals

NEW Suave Professionals® Luxe Style Infusion is a luxurious line of salon-inspired styling products that allow women to “#Style It Yourself”, or “#SIY,” and get the salon looks they love at home every day.

Suave Professionals® makes it easy to “Style It Yourself”, or “SIY”, with on-trend style products that work as well as a salon brand, and simple, three step-style instructions that are even on the back of packaging to help women achieve salon-quality styles quickly and easily at home.

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10 Ways to Wear a Band Jacket


I’ve got a new obsession and its called the marching band jacket. So stylish, so cool, so exactly what I need in my life. I actually just bought a cool one at Zara but am on the hunt for a real vintage one.

In honor of my new obsession, here are 10 ways to wear a band jacket …

1.) With Leather

How chic does this model look in her red leather pants and a more sophisticated version of a marching band jacket? So chic.


2.) With a Graphic Tee

Keep it simple with a graphic tee. Not sold on the sailor shorts and the shoes but she can pull it off …

band jacket style

3.) With a Classic Black Tee

When in doubt but a black tee under it!


4.) With a Beanie

Dress it down with a slouchy beanie and boyfriend jeans.


5.) With Shorts

Regular shorts – not sailor shorts.


6.)  With Stripes

Channel your inner Hendrix with some crazy striped pants.


7.) With a White Tee

Same idea as the classic black tee – white works just as well.


8.) With a Maxi Skirt

Dress up your band jacket with a formal maxi skirt.


9.) With a Blouse

Fancy it up with a silk blouse.


10.) Buttoned Up

Close up your jacket for the ultimate band leader look.main.original.700x0c

Client Makeover: Marketing Man

lauren messiah client makeover

I don’t like to play favorites but this might be one of my favorite makeovers of the year. I met this client last year at a holiday party for entrepreneurs. We became fast friends that evening and before I knew it I was telling him that he needed a makeover (from me – of course). He said “sure!” and I went to work.

What was great about this client was his total willingness to let me do my thing. I got zero push-back, which is rare with my male clients. Most of my dude clients put up a bit of a fight before even trying on a garment but in the end, they always love what I chose for them.

before banner

Like I said, when I first met this particular client I straight up told him he needed my services. I usually don’t get that forward with people but his sense of humor and general fun attitude made it feel okay. He was totally down for the makeover and actually got quite excited about it.

His personal style had some good qualities but they needed a professional eye to reel them in. I liked his youthful vibe, the sporty look he infused in there, and the sort of kookiness that his style exuded. Wearing some sort of hat was kind of his signature style, so I wanted to keep that going as well.

before pic

Here we are at the holiday party. Pre-style intervention


The style direction I was going for was sporty, hipster, with a wilderness man twist. If that makes any sense. My client is a marketing entrepreneur (so he doesn’t have to dress up) and loves going on adventures – I wanted his new style to reflect that.

vans comme des garcons shoes

I also thought it was really important to keep his signature style elements intact, so the hats and wild sneakers were sticking around (with an upgrade of course).

mens style inspirationvalentino camo shoeszara-grey-plain-striped-t-shirt-product-1-2915615-632679815

shopping bannerclient fittingWhen it comes to shopping for men, I try not to go overboard. Men typically have less patience than women when it comes to trying on clothes, so I pull much less.

hats and shoesFor this job I went to Barneys, Nordstrom, J Crew men, Topman, American Rag, and Nordstrom Rack. I wanted to stop into Steven Alan but I ran out of time.

lauren messiah stylistthe fitting banner

lauren messiah stylist

This fitting was hilarious! The day was filled with jokes, food, and wine. I was shocked by his stamina – he tried on every single outfit I put together!

personal styling session

We kept about 75% of the pull with a mix of outfits within his comfort zone and some a bit outside of his comfort zone. I was 100% happy with everything he decided to buy.

lauren messiah stylist

after banner

After the fitting I received the following text which totally made my day. This is why I do what I do. Love my job!personal stylist los angeles



Invest In Your Personal Style, It Pays!


Money is funny. Spending money on certain items is easy (sometimes a little too easy) and for other things, parting with your hard earned cash is nearly impossible. I have found that the things we should spend money are things we don’t spend money. It’s a shame really because the majority of those things can actually make you more money in the long term. I call this investing in yourself and guess what? It pays.

For me, buying clothing is easy. Why? Because I love fashion and because I technically don’t need to add anything else to my wardrobe. But I am not the norm – I work in fashion. I have found that for rest of the population (or at least the people I’ve encountered) has a really hard time purchasing clothing for themselves.

The resistance to investing in their personal appearance usually boils down to the following reasons:

1.) They hate shopping

2.) They feel they don’t deserve new or nice things

3.) The thought of shopping/buying new outfits is anxiety inducing

4.) They just don’t want to spend the money

I work with my clients to get them past these hurdles so they can actually invest in themselves. The results are crazy awesome! Making an investment in your wardrobe (and it doesn’t have to be a large investment either) can yield some very lucrative results.

How do I know? I’ve seen it first hand.

After styling clients I’ve witnessed them get premonitions, gain the courage to start a business of their own, or even simply get noticed at work their superiors. This happens with almost ALL of my clients – it’s crazy.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? If not, what is holding you back?

Game Changing Style Apps

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game-changing-appsimage via

There is a reason everyone keeps their cell phone practically glued to their hands – awesome apps! There is an app for practically everything these days. Some of them are major timewasters (Facebook app, I am looking at you) and some are downright game changers.

For the style-minded there are some good ones out there. Here are the ones that are currently changing my life for the better.


Let me start by saying this, I hate going to the dry cleaner! This seemingly simple task is such a time suck for me. Thank goodness for Washio, an app that facilitates the pick up and drop off (at your door) of your laundry.

Think Dirty 

Warning this app may result in you throwing out all of your makeup and beauty products! This app will literally change your life as it tells you how “dirty” your beauty products are. Aka which ones have cancer causing agents, allergens, and ingredients that cause reproduction issues.

Silk Knots

Hermes can do no wrong and this app is no exception. If you are anything like me, you have a ton of silk scarves that don’t get enough play in your wardrobe. The Silk Knots app shows you countless ways to creatively wear a silk scarf. Hermes scarf not required.

Amazon Mobile

Everyone loves Amazon but you’ll love it even more if you shop using their mobile app. They actually make shopping a little too easy with their one-click checkout feature. Wallets beware.

What you are your favorite style apps?

10 Ways to Wear a Camel Coat


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty much obsessed with camel coats. Problem is this … I don’t have one!! I fell in love with a camel coat on TheOutnet but sadly they didn’t have my size 🙁  So I am still on the hunt. In the meantime I will continue to be inspired by all of the other people in the world who own a beautiful camel coat.

If you are into the camel coat trend as well, then you’ll love these 10 ways to wear a camel coat.

street style camel coat

1.) With Ripped Jeans

Ripped up and ill-fitting jeans are suddenly chic with a camel coat. Dang, camel coats are pure magic!

street style camel coat

2.) With a Skirt

Just don’t forget the tights – especially this winter.

street style camel coat

3.) With a Sweater

Keep things extra warm and cozy with a sweater layered under that fancy coat.

Street Style - London Collections: MEN AW13

4.) Classic White Button Up

Its class all the way when you pair your camel coat with a white button up.



5.) Just Add Sneakers

Take things down a notch with a pair of worn-in classic sneakers like Converse or adidas shell toes.



6.) Pop of Neon

Who says camel has to be paired with other neutrals. Try adding a vibrant pop of color like a neon to shake things up a bit.

street style camel coat

7.) Needs More Camel

Or just go full on camel instead.


street style camel coat

8.) With a Bright Shoe

Add a subtle pop of color with a shoe – the color choice is all yours.


9.) Bet on Black

You can’t go wrong with black.


10.) With a fun Scarf

Perhaps the best accessory for a coat! Have a little fun with bold color or classic pattern like plaid.

How will you wear your camel coat this winter?

Client Makeover: New Beginnings


Nothing brings me more joy than literally changing someone’s life through style. I know I’m not saving lives or anything but what a person wears makes a huge impact on a their life. When you are too busy living life that you forget to update your style, something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you don’t feel like you fit in at the office or your confidence takes a major hit because of what you wear and it effects other areas of your life.

My latest client was going through something similar. While she was busy kicking ass in her career and making some major changes in her life to improve her health, her style took the backseat. Lucky for her, I was there to swoop in with my style expertise.

before banner

During our initial chat, this particular client was feeling a bit lost when it came to her personal style. She had recently lost a considerable amount of weight and was quickly climbing the ladder at the office. Because of her new size, none of her old clothing fit – this left her with only a few “go-t0” outfits for the office and she would be the first to say that she really didn’t like them very much.

The bones of this client were amazing! Smart, funny, gorgeous, and willing to let me do my thing! Aka my favorite type of client.


mood boardThe main takeaway from our consultation was that she wanted to look pulled together, professional, sophisticated – all while looking age appropriate, fashion forward, and fun.

Easy as pie!

I drew inspiration from Kerry Washington (her everyday looks vs. her Scandal character), Jessica Alba’s street style looks, and Beyonce since her body type was similar to my clients.

closet cleanseThis closet cleanse was FUN! Well it was actually more like a closet review. My client had not one, not two, but three closets!! Out of those closets, the pile above it what we ended up keeping. Alright we kept a few more pieces (her classic pencil skirt, blazers, tees, etc) but everything else had to go. It was time to start over.

shopping banner


It’s always fun/dangerous when my clients have similar taste and are a similar size as me. That means the old “one for you, one for me” principle is in full effect. I tried to control myself this go-round but I would be lying if I said I didn’t buy myself a jacket at Zara and an Moschino sweater at Nordstrom Rack …

BUT I did do a lot more shopping for her than I did for myself! I wanted to get my client the most bang for her buck (which you know is my specialty) so I hit up Nordstrom Rack (2 different ones), TJ Maxx, Marshalls (2 locations), Topshop, Nordstrom, and Zara (2 locations). I was a shopping fool!

table of jewelryMy client needed it all, so I got it all. From work clothes to weekend attire, shoes to bags, and jewelry galore. This shopping trip was extra fun.

zara shoesPS- Zara is so on point right now!

the fitting bannerstylist lauren messiahIn case you haven’t heard … Lauren fittings are fun fitting! Before I begin my fittings I always tell my clients my three rules:

1.) This is a no meltdown zone. We are here to have fun and play with clothes.

2.) If it doesn’t fit, move on because there are plenty of options to choose from

3.) Don’t look at price tags, we will figure out that stuff later

stylist lauren messiahI had an entire rack of pre-styled outfits for my client (I always buy WAY more than what is needed) and we started trying on items from the beginning. It was hit after hit – everything looked AMAZING on her! As you can see she was stunned by the results.

stylist lauren messiah

Also when you hang with me, you aren’t just getting styled you are getting my crazy antics too. At this last fitting we talked about trashy TV, music, and the magic called InstaCart.

stylist lauren messiah

after banner

After the fitting my client was filled with confidence and felt great about her look. She’s already received a ton of compliments and wishes she had worked with me sooner!

11 Style Choices That Are Actually Aging You!


There is nothing wrong with getting older. Actually, getting older is kind of awesome. With age you become smarter, savvier, and way cooler. You couldn’t pay me to be 25 again. I’ll stick to the age I am now, thank you.

Of course getting older is no walk in the park. Areas of your body start randomly hurting (how the heck did my back get so stiff?), you can’t eat how you used to (pizza is no longer an option), and staying up late? Forget about it! Getting dressed can be a bit more challenging as well. The words “age-appropriate” start swirling around. Does this outfit make me look too young or, even worse, too old!

These 11 items are masquerading as regular old garments but they are actually making you look older. Proceed with caution or simply avoid at all costs …

Crazy Denim

“Crazy” denim should be reserved for young people. Super low-rise, whiskering, and acid wash jeans are things you should stay away from. These denim styles look cheap and lack sophistication. Just say no.

Extreme Platforms and “Stripper” Heels

I’ve never been a fan of extreme platform shoes. Some are okay but overall, they are tacky. Extra high platforms and too-high heels should be reserved for the 20-something sect. Too high heels makes it look like you are trying way too hard to stylish and sexy. Ladies, we can still get the job done with 4 inches or less.

Those Darn Kitten Heels

The other extreme is wearing heels that are too low. Now I am sure there are SOME cute kitten heels out there but overall they are too safe and too matronly looking. Pump those heels up for a more modern look.

Living in the Fast Fashion Lane

I liken fast fashion with going to the club. Its fun and cute in your 20s but once you hit 30, you’re the oldest chick in the club and it just starts getting sad. Wearing clothing from H&M and Forever 21 will make you look old. Zara? We can still do Zara – love me some Zara.

Racoon Eyes

Heavy black liner is like drawing a bulls eye around your aging eyes. Even if your eyes haven’t started budding wrinkles, the overdrawn liner look should be reserved for angsty teens. That’s their look, let ’em have something.

Over Tanning

Being a slave to the sun, the tanning booth, or even self tanners is a bad idea if you want to keep your youthful appearance. Appearing too tan can make your skin look leathery instead of healthy and glowing. Think about Tan Mom. Does Tan Mom look young? Uh huh …

Matching Jewelry Sets

Oh boy this one really upsets me to no end. Wearing those 3-piece jewelry sets – together! You know the necklace that comes with matching earrings and if you’re lucky a bracelet too. That just screams OLD! Run away from matching jewelry sets or at least never wear them together.

Ill Fitting Clothing

Clothes that are too baggy or too tight will age you. You are grown, you should know how clothes are supposed to fit by now. If you don’t (and that’s okay too) find a tailor or a qualified personal stylist to guide you.

Wearing Dated Clothing

There is a difference between retro and old! There is nothing wrong with wearing older clothing or items from past seasons but you must remember to give them a modern twist. Mix an 80s blazer with some clothing from today. If you are rocking head-to-toe 1998, you are going to look old.

Dressing Too Sexy

Nothing is sadder than a woman trying to hold on to her sexy. Newsflash, you are still sexy. In fact, with age you have become so sexy that you no longer have to show it off to such an extent. Wearing garments that are too tight and too revealing will make you look older than you are.


Need I go on? Until further notice, I am deeming twinsets are for grandmas and for grandmas only. Grandmas need all the twinsets they can get and they don’t need us hogging them up.

Why You Should Stop Saving Your “Special” Clothes

street style leather pants

We are all guilty of it, buying a new “special” garment and letting it hang in your closet – you know because you’re saving it for the perfect occasion. The problem with this technique is that the special occasion never comes or if it does it isn’t quite special enough for that dress, jacket, pair of shoes, or whatever that garment may be.

I’ve done/ do it. In fact, I have a killer Acne dress in my closet that is so perfect I haven’t had the nerve to wear it (it’s just so damn fabulous). So I am here to say that we need to stop the madness. If you are living and breathing then today is pretty darn special.

How exactly do we stop this vicious “special” garment cycle? I’ll tell you …

Only Wait If You Have a Date (on the calendar)

The only reason to wait to wear a dress is if you actually have a date set on the calendar for a special occasion. I just got rid of an evening gown that I’ve had in my closet for almost 3 years. I’ve literally never ever put it on my body but I SWORE that one day I would get invited to a gown worthy event and I would be prepared. Yeah that didn’t work out. So instead I’m selling the dress because cash is much better than watching a garment collect dust.

Live in the Moment

Life is short and every day on this earth should be considered special – so why not dress for it? You never know what the day may bring so make an effort to look your very best. PS – they are clothes and they are meant to be worn.

Be Realistic

Think about your lifestyle when purchasing clothing and only purchase things that you will actually wear. If you aren’t a skirt person, don’t buy a skirt with the thought in mind that one day you might have to wear a skirt.

Moral of the story … Buy what you love and then wear the heck out of it!!

Valentine’s Day Looks for Every Personality

lauren messiah on the realIn case you missed it, today I was on The Real giving commentary for their Valentine’s Day fashion show with Adrianne Bailon and Nene Leakes.

This segment was all about different Valentine’s Day looks for different personality types. Check out the clip above and tell me what you’ll be wearing this Valentine’s Day. I’ll be wearing sweats and watching Scandal with my dog Yohji.

lauren messiah on the real

The looks … The Flirty Valentine, The Conservative, The Goodie Girl, and The Vixen.

lauren messiah on the real

Nene Leakes was there to give her hilarious 2 cents. lauren messiah on the real

Thank you to The Real for having me on the show!

lauren messiah on the real