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Gossip Girl Style Blazer

Q- I absolutely love the blazer Serena wore in ‘New Haven Can Wait.’ I know it’s and old episode but do you know where I can find it? I love the logo detail. It’s stunning! A- That blazer is by Ralph Lauren and is very unavailable. Sorry. You can get a similiar look at American…


Gossip Girl Nylon Photo Shoot

Q- I love all the looks in the April 2008 Nylon Cover Shoot for Gossip Girl. I’m sure the looks are unavailable, but could you please tell me the designers for each and every outfit? Is there even a freaky close way to get those looks? A-Yep. 2008 fashions aren’t available. Sorry! I did create…


Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl Color Palettes

I love Serena’s style from Gossip Girl but she never wears any colors. I love bright colors and I was wondering if it is possible to get Serena’s style with Blair’s color pallet. Yes it’s totally possible. Serena does work with color sometimes (bright yellows and blues.) And if you really think about it, Blair…


Dear Fashion Kitty, How To Get Serena’s Gossip Girl Look

I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl! I am just obsessed with the clothes they wear. I love Blair and Jenny’s style, but my favorite has to be Serena’s. I can’t seem to figure out how she does her makeup though. I also have brown hair similar to Blair’s so would the makeup still…


Blair Waldorf in Eryn Brinié on Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf wore this sweet Eryn Brinié coat on this past week’s Gossip Girl. This tweed coat with silk trim is a steal at $200. Great transition piece and it gets like 50 awesome points for being on Gossip Girl. It is available in limited quantities at Eryn brinié – 501 Broadway, NYC or 866.780.3796

Dear Fashion Kitty, Body Conscious Gossip Girl Style

I have a major dilemma! I recently decided I wanted to dress like Jenny Humphrey but I’m not very body confident as I am fat (not lying) so im not a major fan of short skirts. I also live in England so any English shops or international places would be best. As the current economic…


Gossip Girl Fashion Round Up: Blair Waldorf

I think it’s pretty clear that Blair is my favorite Gossip Girl character. I mean, she has the best style and she plays a bitch. Who doesn’t love a good television bitch? AND hellooooo Dorota is her partner in crime. Anyways, Blair has been looking pretty darn good in the past few episodes. Here are…


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Dear Fashion Kitty, Get the Gossip Girl Look

I’m IN LOVE with the Gossip Girl fashion from the show and I was wondering if I could put some stylish outfits together with stuff already from in my closet? Also I would really like to dress more french and stuff, any ideas? :)xoxo Well, considering I have no idea what you have in your…


Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair Waldorf

My favorite Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf was looking fierce and put together on this past week’s episode Gone With The Will … Here is what she was wearing … – Preston & York Leather Shortie Gloves– Telli Cape by Lorick– Matte opaque tights (in gray)– Diane von Furstenberg Women’s Adame Glitter Plaid Pencil Skirt– Diane…