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Getting Zesty from the Inside Out

Spring has officially sprung and when the season changes I tend to change too.  Whether it’s through cleaning out the old to make room for the new or purchasing a new spring wardrobe – something changes. This season I am changing from the inside out, all while adding a little bit of zest into my…


Saint Laurent Goes 90s Rock

In case you are new around here, know this … I love the 90s! Perhaps it’s because I was a teenager in 90s. PS- I pretty much hated my teenage years. So maybe my love of the 90s is just me re-living all the fun I missed back then. Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Billy Corgan,…


Borrowed from the Boys … Literally

Necktie // Black bow tie// Floral bow tie I’m a J. Crew junkie. Love their clothing, the accessories, the shoes … all of it. My local J. Crew at The Grove in Los Angeles, recently went through a remodel. They removed the menswear (they are getting their own stand-alone store) and kept the current location…


Coming to a TV Near You: Double Divas

Something I always stress upon my clients is the importance of a great fitting bra. I encourage all of my clients (except the men) to get a professional bra fitting. I got one and it changed my life. I thought I was a 36B when in actuality I was a 34C. That small sizing error…


Lauren’s Closet Tour- Part 2

Ready for more of my closet/dressing room action? Step inside my favorite room in the house to see where all of my clothing lives and how I attempt to keep it all organized. If you missed part 1, click here – you don’t want to miss out on any closet-y goodness. Denim + hanging short…


Lauren’s Closet Tour – Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have probably spotted parts of my closet, which is really a room that I converted into a closet/dressing room. This is my favorite room in the house (obviously). The room came equipped with a built in vanity and two closets with sliding doors. I ripped off…


Cleanse Your Closet: Out with the Old, In with the New

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable, it’s scary, it’s different, and for the most part no one really enjoys the very thought of it. The one thing I do know about change is that once the change is completed – it’s freaking awesome!! Over the past few years I’ve changed a lot of things in my…


Spring 2013 Street Style Snaps

Sometimes the best style is seen outside of the shows. Here are a few of my favorite street style snaps from Spring 2013. (via

Dream Closet Inspiration

OK, to be fair I pretty much already have my dream closet but there is always room for improvement! Which is why I gather tons of closet images on my Pinterest board. I just love seeing how different people organize all of their beautiful clothing and accessories. Here are some of the closets that I…


Chatting with the “New” Carrie Bradshaw

Whether you are interested in the show or not, The Carrie Diaries is coming to a TV screen near you. From a fashion point of view I am very interested. I think Eric Daman is a genius and I can’t wait to see what he has in store wardrobe wise. Today I got a little…