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Styling Tips To Conceal Your Middle

When I ask my clients to describe what they think their body type is, they all say, “Bigger in the middle!” Most of them are wrong. To be truly bigger in the middle, your waist measurement would have to be larger than your bust and hip measurement. For the women who do have this body…


For Those With A Little Extra Junk In The Trunk

Ready for more body type fun? I sure hope so. Before we get to the next body type video, I wanted to share the recording from a radio show I was a guest on today.  Devin Alexander, a celebrity chef from The Biggest Loser, is a friend and a client, she had me on her…


Styling Tips for Busty Women

If you have a large bust and want to minimize it, then today’s video is for you … Want more? Upgrade to my full course for only $97. More outfits, more tips, and more body type fun! Join my ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ program now  

To The People Who Say Body Type Doesn’t Matter

I was reading a personal style book a short time ago, and the author was crapping all over the idea of dressing for your body type. She thought it was just plain ridiculous. I completely disagree with her, but I could still see where she was coming from. The controversy comes from people looking at…


Dress Right For Your Body Type

After receiving an insane amount of emails regarding dressing for your body type, I created not only a brand new style series but a brand new virtual styling program to match! Yep, I was recording the YouTube series, and I was like OMG these videos are like 30 minutes long – EACH. I pulled out…


Junk(less) in the Trunk: How To Fake A Booty

One area of my body which I am incredibly blessed is my booty. I’ve always had an ample backside, and it’s one of my favorite features. Sure, sometimes it makes buying pants and skirts more difficult, but overall I’m glad I’ve got it. Now there are other areas of my body that I am less…


The Ultimate Guide For Dressing To Flatter Your Figure

I want to live in a world where the phrase, “Do I look fat in this?” doesn’t exist. Sounds unrealistic doesn’t it? What if I told you I held the secrets to abolishing that phrase? You probably wouldn’t believe me, and that’s totally cool, but I actually do have the solution. It’s wearing clothes that…


How To Dress Right For Your Body Type

Guess what … I finally wrote an eBook! Seriously, this has been on my to-do list for a REALLY long time. So I am super excited to share it with you all for FREE! I decided to write my first book on dressing for your body type because I truly feel it’s the most important…


5 No-Fail Looks If You Are Bigger in the Middle

If dressing your mid-section stresses you out, then you’ll definitely want to read this post. When you have the ‘bigger in the middle’ body type, your mid-section is more prominent than your bust and hips. The goal here is to make your body look proportional and to do that you need to create the illusion…


5 No-Fail Looks If You Are Bigger on the Bottom

If your body type is “bigger on the bottom” chances are you aren’t all that interested in rocking a bodysuit and tights like Queen B is illustrating above. I get it. Most of the women I style with this particular body type body type would rather conceal their assets to create a more balanced appearance….