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Style Icon: The Cast of Gossip Girl

Ready for the worst kept secret ever? I love Gossip Girl. I started watching the show purely for fashion inspiration purposes. I actually thought the show itself was cheesy and stupid but like any soap opera like programming … I got hooked! Now watching Gossip Girl is one of my guiltiest pleasures. I won’t let…


How to Get Taylor Momsen’s Gossip Girl Look

Q- How do you get Jenny’s season 3 style of Gossip Girl???? Also thank you so much for your blog, its my favorite site and your responses are so helpful!!!!!! A- I love Jenny Humphrey’s style in season 3. It’s her best look yet! She has that edgy, rocker-chic thing down. To get her look…


Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair Waldorf (cape look)

Q- I love this outfit a lot, can you help me to find out the outfit design by which brand, and where can I get them. A- The good news is that I know who makes the pieces in this outfit. The bad news is that this outfit is pretty darn old and everything is…


Get the Look: The Plastiscines on Gossip Girl

Q- Now, I’m not familiar with the Plastiscines, but they totally rocked it out on Gossip Girl the other night! I especially loved what the lead singer was wearing, a sharp shoulder padded black dress/tunic. Where can I get this and/or similiar styles? She looked totally bitchin’. A- Love that Balmain structured shoulder look. Here…


Gossip Girl: Jenny Humphrey’s Boots

Q- I have a quick question about the ankle boots Jenny Humphrey wore when she arrived at the movie premier with Chuck in the Dan De Fleurette episode. If you could please help me identify them, I would appreciate it. A- Hmm, I don’t know about those boots. I really don’t. Readers, if you know…


Style Guide: Gossip Girl Season 3

In case you didn’t know … I am constantly updating my ThisNext Gossip Girl lists with the latest fashions from the show. (Btw, how good was this pasts week’s episode?) Anyhow, check out the lists and be sure to check out my Gossip Girl section for more Gossip Girl fashions. Gossip Girl Style Guides: >…


Gossip Girl Look For Less: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Q- I am absolutely loving Serena’s wardrobe in season 3 of Gossip Girl. Could you please find me some cheaper (no clothing item more than $100) alternatives for some of these outfits? Thanks so so so so much? Also how could I update these looks so they are appropriate for a fall (that still has…


Gossip Girl Worthy Wedding Attire

Q- First of all, I’m Portuguese, so sorry for my bad English. I’m 15 years old and my godfather is going to marry. So I want a special outfit. I decided to ask for your help because I want something not excessive but brilliant. I love Blair Waldorf style, but also the Little J’s (the…


Gossip Girl Style Sneak Peak- Serena

Gossip Girl Season 3 Teaser

Are you excited? I am sooo excited!