It’s Time To Leave Your Zoom Cocoon

For the first time in a long time, life is starting to feel somewhat “normal.”

Note the air quotes because after a year+ of pandemic life – nothing is normal.

But with lockdowns loosening and more people getting vaccinated, we are no longer Zoom prisoners.

We are free to roam about the cabin, albeit masked, but clothing is definitely a requirement.

That’s right; we’ve got to hang up the sweats and put away the leggings because it’s real clothes time.


Chances are the clothing in your closet either doesn’t fit, or it’s no longer you. I mean, an entire year has passed, and it was traumatic AF.

Let’s emerge from our Zoom cocoons in style.

It will be like the 2021 version of the roaring ’20s after the 1918 pandemic.

More style, more confidence, and hopefully more joy.

After a year of NOT getting dressed, you probably have no clue where to start. Lucky for you, I have you covered.

As you know, my book Style Therapy hits shelves on Tuesday!! Grab yourself a copy because the book will take you from zero style to your signature style in thirty days.

Need more help than that? Well, you’re in luck!

Starting Monday, May 3rd, I will go live EVERY SINGLE DAY for thirty days inside Style Confidence Collective to guide you through the book.

Yep, I will be there to guide you and to hold you accountable for thirty days.

Grab your book, grab your membership, and I’ll see you on Monday, May 3rd.

Style Therapy Makeover Experience Episode 2 {watch now}

Last week I had my first gym workout in over a year.

It wasn’t pretty.

I swore I was still in pretty good shape from my evening at-home yoga classes, daily walks, and occasional at-home boxing classes – but I was wrong.

I waltzed into that gym thinking I was The Rock but I was more like The Feather! I couldn’t lift a thing, I was huffing and puffing … I was a mess.

At that moment, I wished for a magic pill or a special shake to get me back to where I once was.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist.

Confidence works in a very similar way, it’s like a muscle, and if you don’t work it, it goes away.

This week’s episode of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience highlights Dana’s journey to style confidence.

If you’ve ever felt hopeless when it comes to confidence – this episode is for you!

Today you’re going to meet Dana.

Dana is a multi-passionate aspiring entrepreneur, mother, and survivor who is putting in the work to overcome trauma.

Dana has been wearing nothing but leggings and is ready to ditch her comfy clothes for styles that support the woman she is becoming.

Will Dana push through the style roadblocks standing in her way, or will she buckle under the pressure and return to her life of leggings?

How To Avoid Toxic Style Advice

ImageHow does the saying go? Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one.

These days everyone and their mother is an expert, a stylist, or some sort of guru.

Heck, even people who don’t have those titles are ready to hand out advice about on life and what you’re wearing.

Before you start getting hurt feelings over some bad “advice,” or even worse, listen to the advice, let me put this bug in your ear:

Check your source.

Let me be more precise; the internet has been filled with the sound of Gen Z’ers handing out advice to Millennials and Elder Millennials about style – enough!

These kids are coming after our denim choices, our side parts, and everything in between.

Here is my question: Why are we taking fashion advice from TEENAGERS?!

I’m 40 years old, and I am not interested in receiving fashion advice from a 17-year-old.

If you’re a grown woman and need help with your style, come to a fellow grown woman who has made millions from her fashion know-how.

I’m talking about myself if you hadn’t noticed – lol!

My book ‘Style Therapy’ hits shelves in one week, and I’d love for you to grab a copy for yourself a couple of friends.

Click here to preorder 

My exclusive book bonuses expire on the 26th!! You can find out what they are and order your book right here.

Let those teenagers have their fun. Meanwhile, us grown folk will be doing our own thing in style.

Stop Following “In and Out” Lists

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article called ‘Skinny Jeans and 9 Other Styles That Date You’, and collectively we all cringed.

I went live on Instagram last week to discuss it (you can watch it here), but here are my feelings in a nutshell:

Stop following “in and out” lists – they are bullshit.

Here are a couple of gems from the article: 

“Out” (according to the Wall Street Journal)

  • No show socks
  • Sustainable slip-on shoes
  • Beige pants
  • Floral dress shirts

Um, are you scratching your head as hard as I am?

As I sit here in my no-show socks and beige pants, I hope you will find it in your heart to continue to follow me for style guidance – lol.

Now let’s chuckle at a few things on the “in” list, again according to the Wall Street Journal:

  • Over the ankle socks
  • Fanny packs
  • Eco-friendly flats
  • Green cargo pants

Y’all, can we really trust anyone who is championing cargo pants?

My advice? Ignore every “in and out” list that ever crosses your path. Instead, focus on finding YOURSELF, which will result in you finding your signature style.

A signature style transcends trends and grants you the power to use style to your advantage. Style that opens doors increases your confidence and makes you feel damn good.

You want some of that? Of course, you do.

I’ll teach you exactly how to find your signature style in thirty days. It all happens in my new book, Style Therapy.

Preorder your copy today wherever books are sold. Style Therapy hits shelves on April 27th.

Your signature style awaits.

Style Therapy Makeover Experience Episode 1 {watch now}

I was hanging out with a friend on Sunday night at my fabulous new penthouse apartment (long story, follow my IG stories for the latest), and she said something that gave me pause.


She said, “You realize you’re living your dream life, right?”

Was she right? Am I living my dream life right now at this moment?

I wrote about it in my gratitude journal later that night, and you know what? She wasn’t lying. I am living my dream life:

  • Beautiful home with a view ✅
  • Published author (Style Therapy hits shelves on the 27th) ✅
  • Healthy and happy ✅
  • Money in the bank and food in the fridge ✅
  • A life filled with love, connection, and great friends ✅
  • Hosting my own makeover show ✅

Maybe it’s not the exact life I had in my head, but it’s pretty darn fabulous!
My makeover show isn’t on Netflix (yet), but I legit produced a full-on makeover show, and I get to share it with all of you on YouTube.

Today is the premiere episode where we’ll meet Sarah.

Sarah is an epidemiologist, new mom, and total badass from Duluth, Georgia. Her self-proclaimed frumpy wardrobe is filled with ill-fitting, drab items that don’t match Sarah’s incredible energy and success.

The pandemic, motherhood, and her changing body have contributed to her style struggles.

Will Sarah put in the work to overcome her style struggles, or will she throw in the towel and embrace her Boring Betty Anti-Style Type?

Find out in this week’s episode of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience.


And PLEASE show Sarah so much love in the YouTube comments. It takes an incredible level of bravery to be this vulnerable in front of tens of thousands of people.

Preorder your copy of ‘Style Therapy’ today!! 

Style Therapy Makeover Experience {Full Trailer}

Pretty sure everyone and their mama knows this by now, but ever since the show ‘What Not To Wear’ first aired, I’ve wanted my own makeover show on TV.

I remember watching Stacy London do her thing on TV and thinking, “Eventually, this show will go off the air, and when it comes back as a reboot, I’m going to be the host!”


Since making that bold statement, a few things have happened:

1.) I studied and worked under Stacy London as a personal stylist

2.) Stacy hooked me up with my first ever TV opportunity (I starred in a Westfield Mall television commercial)

3.) ‘What Not To Wear’ has gone off the air

You know what hasn’t happened? A reboot where I’m the host!

Instead of waiting (I can’t stand waiting), I took matters into my own hands and created my own reality makeover show!! 

Netflix, call me. I’m ready!

The premiere episode airs next week but in the meantime, feast your eyes on this trailer.


Let me know what you think in the YouTube comments.

Client Makeover Series Is BACK!!!

My most popular series ever in my YouTube channel’s history is, hands down, my Client Makeover Series.

I haven’t posted a client makeover in a really long time because:

1.) They are tough to produce. Between finding clients willing to share their transformation in front of tens of thousands of people and the expenses involved. Putting these videos falls under the “special treat” category.

2.) I don’t work with clients in-person anymore! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why that makes producing this series impossible.

So you’re probably thinking, given reason #2, how the f&%K is this series back, Lauren? Because the series is back, but with a major twist!

Introducing the ‘Style Therapy Makeover Experience’ series!! 

In this series, you will follow ten women as they transform themselves using my new book, ‘Style Therapy: 30 Days To Your Signature Style.’

Yep, I chose ten deserving women, gave them an advanced copy of my book, a box of goodies, and some filming equipment then told them to go to town!

Y’all, this series is GOOD!!!!!

Honestly, I can’t wait to share this project with you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll get the inspiration you need to get your style together.

Today I want you to meet the women you’ll be watching over the next six weeks.

These women come from such diverse backgrounds; you’ll definitely relate to at least one of the women.

Okay, enough talking, let’s meet the ‘Style Therapy Makeover Experience’ women.


Style Therapy: 30 Days To Your Signature Style {BONUSES}

Two weeks ago my entire house flooded. I’ll spare you the details, but in a nutshell:

  • Plumbing circa 1990 decided it was done!
  • Nasty sewage water leaked from the third floor down to the first floor
  • Things were ruined along the way

So now my FRESHLY remodeled home that took me over a year to design and execute needs to be redone. And I can’t live there while they remodel. Of course the timing couldn’t be worse with my book launch less than a month away, but shit happens so we turn lemons into lemonade.

Here’s the good news:

  • My new apartment is dope AF
  • My book launch is still going to be epic

Speaking of my book, I have special gifts for you guys! WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE THE GIFTS IN ACTION – they are badass! Seriously. Best bonuses I’ve ever created.

If you order 1 copy of Style Therapy, you will receive:

  • Style Therapy Sticker Book (printable)
  • Style Affirmations Flash Cards (printable)

And if you order 4 copies of Style Therapy, you will receive:

  • 30-Day Style Confidence Collective Membership*
  • Easy Outfit Formula “Paper Dolls” (printable)
  • Style Therapy Sticker Book (printable)
  • Style Affirmations Flash Cards (printable)
*new members only 
To redeem your bonuses email your receipt to [email protected] with “Style Therapy Bonus” as the subject line. Preorder Style Therapy wherever books are sold. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on these goodies!

Behind the Book: The Design Process {Style Therapy}

Have you ever felt like the most important person on the planet?

I have, and it felt damn good!

I experienced that magical feeling back in 2019 when I flew to New York to meet my book agent and editor for the first time.

I’ll never forget walking into the lobby to see that MY book publisher shared a building with Gucci, Nobu, Getty Images, and Harper Collins.

It was official; my publisher was big time. I was big time.

The best way I can describe the Abrams offices was a sea of books and endless information from some of the world’s most talented people.

And my book, my knowledge was about to grace those same shelves.

But that wasn’t the moment I felt like a star.

The moment I felt like a star was when my book team gathered around a giant table, with me at the top of the table. They presented me with the interior pages of the book.


The book that I had worked so hard on was materializing into something more magnificent than I ever imagined.

This was the start of the journey towards the finished book, which hits shelves on April 27th.

I am peeling back the curtain to show you the design process involved in creating a finished book in today’s video.

I’m going to show you the mood boards, the rejected cover options, interior page drafts, and more.

This is some top-secret shit!


How To Get a Book Deal

Being a published author has been on my vision board for a long time. I put it up there without evening know how one goes about getting a book deal.

As the years went on, I became more and more determined to become a published author.

So I Googled, read books, and I called friends who had published books.

Truth be told, I was getting nowhere, so I surrendered.

I said, “God, you’re gonna have to take over this book deal business because I’m tapped out.”

Less than a month later, I had a book deal.

Now, I will warn you; I got my book deal in a very non-conventional way. However, the way I got my deal is a testament to doing the work and getting the results no matter what.

In today’s video, I am sharing the exact way I got a book deal.

PS- If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Style Therapy, you can do it here. Please save your receipt because I have some incredible bonuses coming soon for those who pre-ordered only!!