Ask Lauren: Y2K Trends

Today I want to discuss a fun topic – Y2K fashion trends! I recently received an “Ask Lauren” question asking my opinion on the situation, and I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts.


First things first, I don’t necessarily follow trends. However, being aware of them is crucial in my line of work. As my mentor used to say, “If you wore the trend the first time, you don’t get to wear it the second time.” I also agree with her when she said, “You never want to look like the oldest in the club.” You don’t want to be the one wearing clothes that don’t fit or match your age.


Now, let’s get into the trends themselves.


Currently, one trend that’s really in is the mushroom print. Have you seen it? It’s everywhere – from clothing to home decor. It’s interesting to note that trend forecasting is a whole industry that predicts trends years in advance and is not just limited to fashion. It includes home and paints colors and even movies. For instance, the upcoming Super Mario Brothers movie is bringing back mushroom prints in a big way. How cool is that?


While I’m digging the mushroom trend, some trends from the past don’t necessarily need to make a comeback. Claw clips and wide-leg jeans from the Y2K era, for example. Although, there are some fun ways to revisit them. For instance, I found claw clips resembling little cats at Marshall’s. As a cat lover, I was tempted to wear them. Unfortunately, they didn’t work with my hair type.


One trend that I find interesting right now is denim. There are many denim trends, from wide-leg jeans to boot cuts and bell bottoms. However, I would advise not to get too swept up in the trend. It’s essential to try on different cuts of jeans and see which ones are comfortable and flattering and make you feel confident. For instance, I recently ordered a pair of bell bottoms that flattered my figure and made me feel good about myself.


In conclusion, trends come and go, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you want to embrace. Whether it’s the mushroom trend, the claw clip trend, or the denim trend, it’s essential to find the ones that work for you and make you feel confident.


Until next time, stay stylish!

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