What Kind of Style Boss Are You?


Hello, and welcome to my blog post! Today, we will discuss the different types of style bosses. Whether you’re an aspiring stylist, a style coach, an author, or a course creator, there’s a style boss for you.


So, what kind of style boss are you? Let’s dive in!


First up, we have the super boss. This type of boss is an entrepreneur through and through. They cannot work for others or sleep without thinking about style and business. They’re all in, all the time, and there’s no turning back.


Next, we have a full-time boss. This type of boss is committed and wants to do this full-time, but entrepreneurship isn’t what gets them going. If a different opportunity came their way, they would be okay leaving the entrepreneurial life behind.


Then we have the part-time boss. This type of boss needs to scratch that itch. They have created and want to style but don’t need it to consume them. They can use it as a side hustle or for fun on the weekends.


Lastly, we have the sometimes boss. This type of boss would do this work for free and for fun. They don’t care about making money or setting up a business. If a friend called them up and asked for fashion advice, they would happily help.


It’s essential to identify what type of style boss you are and be at peace with that. There’s nothing wrong with being a part-time or sometimes boss. It’s all about finding what works for you.


So, which type of style boss are you? Let me know in the comments below. Remember, there arere different levels of success and tears within a career. Take the pressure off yourself and embrace your style boss identity. Thanks for reading!


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