Stop Faking it Until You Make It!


In today’s blog, I want to address a phrase thrown around for years: “fake it till you make it.” While this concept has some truth, I urge you to stop taking it to the extreme.


As a stylist and founder of Style Boss Academy, I have worked with thousands of stylists throughout my career, teaching them how to turn their passion for fashion and style into a profitable business. And while it’s understandable to want to exude confidence and success, faking the outward appearance of success without working on the inside parts of success is a recipe for disaster.


I’ve seen too many stylists put themselves in debt and look foolish, all to project an image of success on Instagram. And while it’s tempting to want to wear designer clothes, attend fancy dinners, and take Instagram-worthy photos, if your business is in the red and the bottom of your shoes are red too, you’re doing it wrong.


So, here’s the real lesson: we need to take a step back and humble ourselves. When I started my business back in 2009, I was broke. I wasn’t wearing designer stuff or projecting an image of success. Instead, I had to humble myself and finish things on a tight budget.


And that’s my message today: stop faking it until you make it. Take a break from the bags, shopping trips, and brunches, and focus on building a solid foundation for your business. Dress for the job you want but within reason. Get one designer bag that gives you that designer energy, but buy it on sale or at a consignment shop.


Elevate and put yourself together well with clothes you can afford. Go to places like TJ Maxx and Saks OFF Fifth to find clearance items and create a stylish look without draining your bank account.


Don’t let the idea of “fake it till you make it” lead you down the wrong path. Humble yourself, focus on building a solid foundation for your business, and dress for the job you want within reason. It’s time to stop faking it and start making it.


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