How to Make Money While You Sleep as a Personal Stylist


As a personal stylist, making money without physically being present with a client can be challenging. However, there are ways to generate a passive income that doesn’t require you always to be there. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies to help you make money while sleeping.


Create an Online Course

Online courses are an excellent way to make passive income. As a personal stylist, you can create a course teaching your clients how to develop their style, create a mood board, plan their shopping, put outfits together, style clothing, and take care of their clothes. Yes, developing and promoting the course requires a lot of work, but once you have everything set up, you can continue to sell it repeatedly. The online course would be pre-recorded, so you won’t have to teach the same lessons over and over again.


Build a Membership Course

Another way to generate passive income is to create a membership site. A membership site provides recurring revenue. You can have clients paying you a monthly fee to access exclusive content, ask for tips, and receive personalized advice from you. A membership site requires ongoing engagement and content creation, but the beauty is that you can serve multiple people simultaneously.


Write a Book

If you enjoy writing, consider writing a book about your expertise as a personal stylist. You can register an ebook or a print book that teaches people how to develop their unique style, dress for different occasions, or any other topic you know about. Once you’ve written the book, you can sell it on Amazon or your website, and you’ll earn passive income from every sale.


Making money while you sleep requires a lot of work upfront. But once you’ve set up your passive income streams, you can earn money without being physically present with clients. As a personal stylist, you can create an online course, build a membership site, or write a book to generate passive income. The possibilities are endless!


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