How to Create an Emotional Transformation Through Style

Creating an emotional transformation for your clients goes beyond just the external appearance. It’s about the inner change that takes place too. In this blog post, I will share my tips on creating an emotional transformation through style.


The first step to creating an emotional transformation is to get to know your client. This will help you better understand their challenges and insecurities and how to use your art form and style to overcome them. When you get to know a person on that level and can address their difficulties through style, you will automatically change something internally.


One of the challenges that clients may have is body image issues. If you can dress them to make them feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies, an emotional transformation will occur. This is why my book is called Style Therapy. I’m like a therapist, but I use style to help fix people. As a stylist, when working with a client and going through their closet, I can see things they can’t see. I can see that some clients have difficulty spending money on themselves or don’t think they deserve to have nice things, so I can indirectly help solve these problems through style.


One of my harsher styles is when I see something; I say something. If a client has a scarcity mentality, I call it out and discuss the underlying issue. For example, one of my clients had never spent real money on her clothes and only got hand-me-downs. Once we identified that she had a problem with spending money on herself, we were able to work on overcoming that challenge through style.


Creating an emotional transformation through style requires going beyond just the clothes. You need to get inside your client’s heads and figure out who they are, where they want to go, and their insecurities and challenges. By using style to address those issues indirectly, you can create an emotional transformation for your clients beyond just the external appearance.


So, if you’re a personal stylist looking to create an emotional transformation for your clients, take the time to get to know them. Understand their challenges and insecurities and use your art form to overcome them. Doing so can create an emotional transformation that will leave your clients feeling like a million bucks.


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