How I Become a Style Expert on Netflix

Hey everyone, I’m excited to share my journey of becoming a style expert on Netflix’s “The Real Bling Ring Hollywood Heist” docu-series. This was a significant moment in my career, and I’m thrilled to share how I got there without an agent, audition, or connections. Being on Netflix was a dream come true, and I’ve always envisioned having my show on Netflix one day.


I found out I was on Netflix through a friend who texted me, and then a client posted about it on Facebook. I got the opportunity by doing what I do best- creating content on social media. The producers discovered me through my YouTube series, “The Science of Style,” and reached out to me. We had a phone conversation about my philosophy on style, and they asked me to be a part of the show, which I filmed and forgot about.

I was genuinely surprised when the show became a top 10 hit on Netflix, and there I was, a style expert. I didn’t have to audition or have an agent find it. It was a moment that made me realize the power of social media.


Social media is a currency we can use to make our businesses bigger, more profitable, stronger, and better. Everyone has access to social media, and you don’t need money to use it. All you need is a camera, which can be on your phone, to create content from your unique point of view.


Something that I see many stylists doing is regurgitating the same stuff that’s already out there. It’s essential to create content you care about, find fascinating, and have a unique perspective. It’s crucial to keep creating content, regardless of how many views or subscribers you have. You never know who’s watching.


My advice to all of you is to use social media to your advantage. Create, publish, and talk about things from your unique point of view. Please don’t waste the free advertising tool that we have for ourselves, our businesses, and our brands.


The “Science of Style” series got a checkmark on my vision board, but I’m not done yet. I will put it back up there and specifically write “Lauren’s show.” Who knows, maybe someone reading this blog will give me my show about style.


I hope my journey inspires you to create content you care about and use social media to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and always remember that you never know who’s watching.


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