Emotional Style Baggage: Are You or Your Client Carrying It?

As a personal stylist, I know there’s always more to personal style than what meets the eye. In today’s blog, I want to talk to you about emotional style baggage and how it can impact your wardrobe choices. Whether you’re looking to transform your style or a personal stylist working with clients, it’s important to understand the emotional baggage that can come into play.

When someone comes to me wanting a new look, it’s rarely just because they’re in the mood for a change. More often than not, there’s something deeper going on that’s driving their desire for a new look. This is where emotional style baggage comes in. We all have it, whether we realize it or not. And if you’re a personal stylist, you can bet that your clients are carrying it too.

So, what exactly do I mean by emotional style baggage? It can take many forms, but it’s anything weighing you down emotionally and impacting your style choices. Here are a few examples:

Memory-related baggage: If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, divorce, or other major life change, you may be carrying emotional baggage that’s tied to those memories. This can show up in your wardrobe in various ways, from holding onto clothes that remind you of a past relationship to avoiding certain styles because they bring up negative memories. As a personal stylist, you must know this and help your clients navigate these hidden emotions.

Grief-related baggage: Losing a loved one can also impact your style choices. You may gravitate towards more somber colors or avoid certain styles altogether because they remind you of the person you lost. Again, awareness of this can help you move forward and make more intentional wardrobe choices.

The new phase of life baggage: Starting a new job, getting a promotion, or entering a new relationship can all come with emotional baggage. Imposter syndrome, fear of judgment, and other emotions can impact your confidence and willingness to try new things with your style. If you’re working with a client going through a major life change, it’s important to be aware of these emotions and help them feel confident in their new role.

These are just a few examples of the emotional style baggage that we can carry. The key takeaway is that our emotions are always at play regarding personal style. Whether you’re dressing or working with clients, having an awareness of this can help you make more intentional wardrobe choices and feel more confident in your style. So, take a moment to reflect on your own emotional style baggage. What are you carrying with you, and how is it impacting your wardrobe choices? And if you’re a personal stylist, always remember to be mindful of the emotional baggage that your clients may be carrying.

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