Do You Have a Business or an Expensive Hobby?


If you’re a stylist or someone who dreams of being a stylist, I have a question: Do you have a business or an expensive hobby? I’ve encountered a lot of stylists at various stages of their careers, and one thing that drives me crazy is that many of them think they’re running a business when they’re just wasting money on an expensive hobby. In this blog post, I’m going to help you determine whether you have a genuine business or an expensive hobby by listing the qualities of each.


Qualities of a Real Business:


Clear Plan: A real styling business has a clear plan for making money, serving clients, and operating. While you don’t necessarily need a formal business plan, having a program outlining your strategy and goals is crucial.


Steady Flow of Clients: A real business has a steady flow of clients, which translates to a steady flow of income. While it’s impossible to predict the future and make people do things they don’t want to, having a general idea of how many clients are coming in and during which seasons can help you plan and budget accordingly.


Enough Income to Live Off Of: While it’s normal to have a part-time job or side hustle during the early stages of your business, an honest company eventually provides enough income to live off of. Taking steps to build your business and make it sustainable in the long run is essential.


Predictable Income: A real business has predictable income that correlates with a steady flow of clients. By projecting how much you’ll make each month and taking specific actions to achieve your goals, you can create a predictable flow of income.


Investment in Growth: Real businesses invest in the growth of their business by investing in technology, supplies, coaches, education, and taking risks. These investments lead to more predictable income, clients, revenue, and better quality of life.


Qualities of an Expensive Hobby:


Winging It: If you’re always winging it and don’t have a clear plan, you might have an expensive hobby instead of a business.


Sporadic Clients: Expensive hobbies have broken clients, which makes it challenging to predict income and plan accordingly.


Insufficient Income: If you’re not making enough money to live off of and constantly struggling to pay bills, you might have an expensive hobby.


Unpredictable Income: Expensive hobbies don’t have a predictable flow of income, making it difficult to plan and budget.


Investing in Personal Luxuries Instead of Business Growth: Expensive hobbies often invest in personal luxuries like expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories instead of business growth.




If you’re a stylist or someone who dreams of being a stylist, it’s essential to determine whether you have a business or an expensive hobby. You can create a sustainable and profitable business by having a clear plan, a steady flow of clients, enough income to live off of, predictable income, and investing in growth. However, if you’re winging it, have sporadic clients, insufficient income, unpredictable income, and invest in personal luxuries instead of business growth, you might have an expensive hobby instead of a business.


Starting a business takes time, effort, and resources, but the rewards are worth it. By building a real styling business, you can create a career you’re passionate about while making a living doing what you love.


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