6 Must-Read Books for Personal Stylists

Are you a personal stylist or an aspiring one? Then, you must read this blog post! Today, I will show you six must-read books for personal stylists. I am an avid reader, making us better business owners, people, and stylists. So, let’s dive into these books!

First up, we have “The Social Psychology of Getting Dressed.” Yes, it’s a textbook, but it’s worth it. This book is packed with so much detail and studies about the history and origin of the style. You can get it on Amazon, and it’s worth the extra cost.

Next, we have “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You.” Dr. Jennifer Baumgardner dives into a deep psychological analysis of clients she’s worked with. If you clean out any closets for your clients, this book is a must-read.

Book number three is “The Psychology of Fashion.” It’s an easy read that delves into the psychology of fashion with great studies and terminology.

“The Fabric for Fashion Swatch Book” is the fourth book on our list. It’s not a page-turner, but it’s a great resource for stylists. Clients can be particular about the fabrics they put on their bodies, and it’s crucial to understand the different fabrics.

Now, let’s discuss my book, “Style Therapy: 30 Days to Your Signature Style.” I wrote this book for the average woman who wants to take her style from no style to incredible in 30 days. It’s a blueprint for how I work with clients, so if you want to learn from the queen of personal styling, grab a copy!

Last but not least, we have “Dress Your Best Life.” This book has great reviews, and the author is dubbed “The Dress Doctor” by The New York Times. It’s all about using fashion psychology to take your look and your life to the next level.

Reading is essential for personal growth, and as a stylist, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends, styles, and techniques. So, grab these books and start reading. I promise they will make you a better stylist and a better person!

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