6 Bad Style Habits You Need To Break ASAP

Are you guilty of bad style habits holding you back from being the best-dressed version of yourself? Today is your lucky day because I’m here to help you break those habits ASAP!

First on the list is mindless shopping. We’ve all been there, buying clothes when bored or without a purpose. But this bad habit can be expensive and wasteful. So let’s take a cue from the guys and start shopping with intention. Make a list of what you need and prioritize your purchases. Trust me; it will save money and help you wear more of what’s already in your closet.

Next up is buying the same things over and over again. I’m guilty of this one myself. It’s so easy to get stuck in a style rut and buy the same clothes. But let’s be real; no one wants to be a cartoon character with a closet full of the same thing. So, let’s break this bad habit and try new styles and silhouettes.

The third bad style habit is not taking care of your clothes. It’s easy to get lazy and not want to go to the dry cleaners or do laundry, but this bad habit can ruin your clothes and make you look sloppy. So, take the time to properly care for your clothes, whether at the dry cleaners or using an at-home kit.

Moving on to bad habit number four, wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. We’ve all been guilty of this one, holding onto clothes that are too small or too big, hoping we’ll fit into them someday. But the truth is, ill-fitting clothes can make you look messy and unpolished. So, let’s break this habit and invest in clothes that fit us properly.

Bad habit number five is not experimenting with new styles. It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut and wear the same thing repeatedly, but trying new things can be fun and refreshing. So, let’s break this habit and start experimenting with new styles, colors, and silhouettes.

Last but not least, bad habit number six is not wearing what you already have. It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of wanting something new, but we often forget what we already have in our closets. So, let’s break this habit and start wearing what we already have. Mix and match pieces to create new outfits; don’t be afraid to wear something again.

So, there you have six bad style habits you need to break ASAP. Let’s commit to breaking these habits and becoming the best-dressed version of ourselves. And if you’re an aspiring personal stylist, don’t forget to download my free ebook to learn industry secrets and turn your dream job into a reality.

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