4 Fears Every Personal Stylist Has

Today, we will talk about something that every stylist has experienced throughout their career – fears. Yes, I said it, fears.

Now, these fears are real, and it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been styling; you will come up against them. So, let’s talk about every stylist’s four scariest fears.

The first fear is that you didn’t pull enough clothes. For those new to the styling world, “pulling” is a fancy word for shopping. Before every fitting, no matter how much I pulled, I would be terrified that I didn’t hurt enough, and this would always result in me going back and buying more stuff. Every time, the client would be impressed by how much I had pulled, but my ridiculous fear never stopped.

The second fear is that your client will hate everything you pulled. Even though you’ve done your job correctly, you’ve listened to your client, and they signed off on the mood board; you can’t help but worry that they will hate everything. It’s a real fear because it is the worst. I’ve had that happen to me once in my career, and it was the worst. But, if you’re in my world, in Style Boss Academy, I will teach you things to ensure you have happy clients.

The third fear is the fear that your client will ghost you. I teach things inside Style Boss Academy to set up your business in a way where it would be awful for them if they ghosted you. I would do all the shopping, set everything up, and then sit there like a girl waiting for the guy to pick her up for the prom, waiting for the client to show up. I always feared they wouldn’t show up, but they always did.

Finally, fear number four is that you will go way over budget. This fear would happen to me when I was in the celebrity styling world. If I were styling an ad campaign or something where there was a budget given, I would always be so afraid that we’d go over budget. But, as you get better at being a stylist, you’ll know where to save, splurge, and how keep your budget in line.

So those are the fears – fear that you didn’t pull enough clothes, that your client will hate everything, that your client will ghost you, and that you’ll go way over budget. If you’re a stylist, I’d love to know which fears you’ve identified with, and if there’s another fear that I didn’t mention, please put it in the comments below.

Remember, fear is normal, but you can overcome it. And, if you’re in Style Boss Academy, I’ll teach you how to overcome it and have happy clients every time.

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