Why Business Cards are a Waste of Money

Business cards are a waste of money!


As a stylist for 13 years, I’ve seen many aspiring stylists in my DMs asking about business cards. They want to know what they should put on them, how much they should charge, and where they should put their website. Honestly, none of those things matter right now.


Business cards are so outdated. Who even uses them anymore? I know some people will say they still use them, but I’m talking to stylists right now. Business cards are a waste of money, and you’re overthinking them when you should be thinking about something else in your business.

These days, people ask for your social media, specifically your Instagram. Recently, someone reached out to me looking for stylists to cast on a TV show. I have thousands of students that would be perfect for this opportunity. When she asked for their information, she didn’t ask for their website, email address, or phone number. She asked for their Instagram.


Stop obsessing over your website and business cards. Instead, start putting yourself out there in a meaningful way. Show up on social media and showcase your work. Talk about how you serve clients and transform people. That is the new business card.


I haven’t had a business card in years, and it hasn’t affected my success. I still make millions of dollars as an entrepreneur. If you really feel the need to have a business card, they have digital ones.


Here’s why I really hate business cards. They’re passive. Someone asks if you have a business card, and you hand it to them. They put it in their pocket or purse and forget about it. You’re left wondering why they didn’t reach out to you.


Instead of handing out a business card, be active. If someone asks for your business card, tell them you don’t have one, but you’d love to connect with them on Instagram. DM them and set up a time to talk. If they don’t have an Instagram, ask for their phone number or email and set up a time to talk.


Active business cards are for sissies who aren’t ready for business time. Stop wasting money on business cards and start putting yourself out there in a meaningful way.


Stop thinking about business cards and start promoting yourself on social media. 


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