When Your Client Lies About Their Clothing Size

Working with clients who lie about their clothing size can be a frustrating and challenging experience. It can cause issues during the shopping process and fitting sessions and lead to disappointment for both the stylist and the client. This article will explore how to handle the situation when your client lies about their clothing size.


Asking clients to try something on in the size they think they are and asking them to breathe out fully or sit down is one way to get a sense of their actual size. If the client is uncomfortable, suggest that they try something more comfortable. Alternatively, you can have them try on the measures you believe would fit them best without telling them or revealing the size and ask them how they feel.


However, these solutions only address the surface-level issue of the client’s lying about their size. It is essential to understand that there are often underlying reasons why someone may lie about their clothing size. It could be related to their upbringing and the expectations placed upon them by their parents, or it could be due to insecurities and societal pressures.


As a stylist, judging or making assumptions is not our place. Instead, we should focus on educating our clients on the truths of the fashion industry. The fashion industry does not have a universal sizing system, and every brand, designer, and company use different fit models. It is why one person can be a size four, and another person could be a size four, but they’re entirely different size fours. European designers’ sizing also differs from American designers, and there is vanity sizing and size exclusion for particular brands.


By educating our clients on these industry standards, we can help them understand that the problem is not with them but with the fashion industry’s sizing system. We can also help them become more confident and comfortable in their bodies by reminding them that their clothing size does not define their worth or beauty.


So when a client lies about their clothing size, it is crucial to approach the situation with empathy, understanding, and education. By doing so, we can help our clients feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies and create a positive and empowering styling experience.


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