Celebrity Energy to Model for Style Boss Success

Have you ever wondered what qualities make your favorite celebrities stand out from the crowd and how you can apply these same qualities to your business? I have overanalyzed some of our most loved and hated stars to extract pieces of their magic that you can use to boss it up for your business.


Let’s start with Rihanna, who has a superpower that every business owner can apply, especially personal stylists – confidence. No matter what outfit she wears, her spirit is always on point. As a personal stylist, you have to be able to dress your clients to have that level of confidence as well. Take a little “Riri confidence” off the celebrity boss mode buffet and put it on your plate.


Next up, Oprah. I want to take a little Oprah money and authenticity. Oprah started as a newscaster, and when she realized she couldn’t be herself in that environment, she started her talk show, which changed everything. Her career became vast because of her authenticity and desire to serve and help people. When you’re authentic and filling, you get that Oprah money. So, think about how you can be true to yourself, be true to others, and truly serve while getting paid for it.


Owning your style is an excellent quality for any boss to take on. Sarah Jessica Parker, or you can think about Carrie Bradshaw and her style. All of her outfits were an accurate representation of herself and her authenticity. As a boss, how are you expressing yourself through your style?

Now, onto Kim Kardashian. Love her or hate her; you have to respect her business sense. The boss quality we’re taking from her is her shameless self-promotion. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and be judged. As entrepreneurs, we must take the same approach and not be scared to promote ourselves.


Next, Beyonce. What we want to take from her is her level of dedication. That woman puts it all in, with no room for mistakes. It’s like perfection; we saw this in her Netflix special, Homecoming. Beyonce rehearsed for months for a two-hour performance. As bosses, we need to put that same dedication into our work.


Kevin Hart is up next, and the quality we’re taking from him is his imperfect persona. He’s flawed and screwed up, but he’s coming back. As entrepreneurs, we will have moments where we get it wrong, and that’s okay. We’re just people too.


Last but not least, Kanye West. His ego and unnatural confidence are what so many business owners lack. We may not take it to Kanye’s extreme, but we need to know that we’re the best. As bosses, we need to be able to say, “I’m the best,” and become it.


Take a moment to think about the qualities of your favorite celebrities and how you can apply them to your business. Are you confident like Rihanna? Authentic like Oprah? Dedicated like Beyonce? Are they imperfect like Kevin Hart? Or do you need a little ego boost like Kanye West? Let me know in the comments which celebrity inspires you and how you can apply their qualities to your business.


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