Ask Lauren: When It Comes to Style is Quality or Quantity Better?

Today I’m here to answer another Ask Lauren question: When it comes to style, is quality or quantity better?


This is an excellent question because it’s essential to consider when building a wardrobe. The answer might seem obvious, but let me explain why quality always wins.


First, let’s talk about the difference between quality and quantity. Quantity means having a lot of pieces in your wardrobe, whereas quality means having a few select pieces that are made well and will last a long time.


Now, I know it’s easy to get excited about new pieces and wants to load up your closet with a bunch of trendy items. But the truth is, fast fashion in moderation is not bad, as long as you practice discernment when shopping.

That means choosing pieces made well and won’t fall apart after one wash. As a stylist, I can tell when a sample from a store like Zara is made well and will last versus when it’s low quality and won’t hold up over time.


But the real trouble with quantity comes with fast fashion, which can be tempting because it’s cheap and trendy. However, these pieces often aren’t made well and won’t last long, so you’ll end up tossing them and contributing to the environmental impact of fast fashion.


On the other hand, investing in quality pieces might mean spending more money upfront, but it’s worth it in the long run. Quality pieces will last for years, which means you’ll spend less money over time because you won’t have to replace them constantly.


Plus, quality pieces are often more versatile, which means you can create a variety of outfits with just a few select parts. And when you need to add something new to your wardrobe, you can choose pieces that complement what you already have rather than just buying something because it’s trendy.


So, to sum it up, quality always wins when it comes to style. It’s better to have a few select pieces made well and will last a long time than a bunch of cheap, trendy pieces that won’t hold up over time.


I hope this answers your question about quality versus quantity in fashion. If you have a question, drop it in the comments below.


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