3 Things to GET OVER if You Want to Become a Successful Stylist

As a successful stylist and founder of Style Boss Academy, I have trained over 6,000 stylists to turn their passion for fashion into a profitable business. But there are certain things you need to “get over” quickly if you want to make it in this industry.


In this blog post, I’ll discuss the top three things stylists need to overcome to succeed.


Get Over Rejection

The first thing you need to get over if you want to be a successful stylist is rejection. Not everyone will like you or want to work with you, and that’s okay. You will receive “no’s” and rejections, but the more you become acquainted with it, the more successful you’ll be.

Remember that rejection is not personal, and it’s not a reflection of your worth or talent. It’s simply a part of the business. So, get over the fear of rejection and keep pushing forward.


Get Over Uncertainty

The second thing you need to get over is uncertainty. As a stylist, you’ll constantly be faced with uncertainty. You won’t always know how things will turn out, but that’s part of the excitement of the job.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from making a move. Trust your intuition and take calculated risks. If it doesn’t work out, come up with a different solution. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.


Get Over Fear of Failure

The third and final thing you must overcome is the fear of failure. You will fail at times, but failure is feedback. It’s an opportunity to learn and improve.

Embrace failure and use it as a tool for growth. Don’t be afraid to try new things, take risks, and push boundaries. The fear of failure can hold you back from achieving greatness, so get over it and go for it.


To be a successful stylist, you must overcome rejection, uncertainty, and fear of failure. These three things are holding you back from achieving your dreams. Sacrifice is not personal, uncertainty is part of the job, and failure is feedback. Embrace these challenges and keep pushing forward.


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