Why I Left Fashion Celebrity Styling for Personal Styling


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but:

It’s okay to change your mind.

It’s okay to change careers.

It’s okay to start over.

Case in point, I changed my mind about a dozen times before I landed where I am today.


Let’s breakdown my career trajectory:


1999: In high school, I wanted to go FIT to design Barbie clothes.


2000: In college, I decided that a regular fashion designer would do; I dreamt of having my own collection and taking a bow at New York Fashion Week.


2003: After college, I discovered fashion designers don’t get paid very well, so I abandoned that dream.


2004: I got a retail job and thought dressing people was pretty rad.


2005: Realizes a retail salary won’t move me out of my parent’s house – gets a “real” job.


2009: Watches the Rachel Zoe Project and decides celebrity styling is the move – play with clothes and earn A-list level money.


2010: Hates celebrities, goes into personal styling while also running a styling school.


2016: Burned out from shopping for clients – goes into virtual styling.


2020: Exits styling school.


2021: Publishes a book.


2022: Starts a new styling school and continues to serve clients virtually.


You don’t need to have it all figured out before starting your career. Start because you can always adjust your path.

In 2009 I thought I had it all figured out! I swore celebrity styling was the answer to all my problems, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth.


But you know what? I regret NOTHING. Every step I took was preparing me for the next step.


It isn’t too late.


You don’t need to get 50,000 degrees.


You need to make a “right now” decision, do what it takes to succeed, and start.

One thought on “Why I Left Fashion Celebrity Styling for Personal Styling”

  1. I will love the line”Start because you can always adjust your path.” The hardest thing is to start. Just let things going and you will solve the problems you encounter or adjust your path to bypass the problem if you can’t solve it.

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