Are You Making This HUGE Mistake In Your Styling Business?

“Don’t give up before the miracle happens.”


Last week, I watched some incredible videos my students created to share how they’ve transformed since joining Style Boss Academy. Their transformations had my jaw on the floor. I knew I made an incredible program, but damn, I really knocked it out of the park with this one.


What’s crazy is the students experiencing the most jaw-dropping results were the ones who were about to give up. Style Boss Academy was their final attempt at making their styling business a success.


For example, my student Samantha who experienced a 1024% revenue increase due to doing the work inside Style Boss Academy was about to give up.


Brittney, who increased her rates 267%, is booked and busy AND sold her first “over-the-top luxe” package last week. She was about to throw in the towel before joining Style Boss Academy.


Can you imagine if they gave up?? It would have been a damn shame.


Listen, if a vision was placed in your heart and mind AND then coupled with talent! Baby, roll with it, and don’t give up until the miracle happens!


There have been SO many times in my business where things weren’t working. Times were the profit hadn’t arrived, the dream team wasn’t assembled, the sales were spotty, the launch failed, the social media posts didn’t perform.


But guess what?


Quitting never crossed my mind because I knew the miracle was on its way! 


EXPECT miracles in your life and your business.


But there are a couple of conditions:


1.) You have to prep yourself for the miracle by doing YOUR part. That means learning the necessary skills to live out your miracle.


2.) Stop making silly (and preventable mistakes). In fact, I have a complete breakdown of the top 5 most common mistakes personal stylists are making in today’s video; check it out.

So please, please, don’t give up because your success story is loading.

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