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Back by popular demand …

My FREE online workshop designed to help you build your style empire is back, now with more workshop dates and times so more people can attend!


Last October I held this workshop for hundreds of aspiring stylist bosses, but still many were unable to attend due to work obligations and time zone constraints.

Well, this time you have NO excuse because the following workshop times are now available (including a weekend workshop):

  • Thursday, January 20th at 9am PT
  • Thursday, January 20th at 7pm PT
  • Friday, January 21st at 3pm PT
  • Saturday, January 22nd at 12pm PT

This workshop will transform the way you look at your business, and will give your “dream job” the kick in the pants it needs to become a reality. 

By the end of this free workshop you learn:

  • How to attract clients who will pay TOP dollar for your styling services
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when building your business (especially if you want to impact lives through your work)
  • The simple exercise that makes revenue sky-rocket each time I add a new product or service to my business.

Secure your spot today!! 

Because here’s the deal, Zoom caps the number of participants who can join, so if you want in, snag your seat today.

All of the workshop details including the daily start times, and how to register are below.


I can’t wait to help you build your empire.

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